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Focus & Creativity


Sunwest Genetics has bred some of the highest quality sativa cannabis strains on the West Coast. To help you focus and tap into your creativity, were starting with Master Kush, Blue Dream and the potent Kali Mist. Some of the most well known sativas in California.

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Enhance Your Day


Our balanced cannabis hybrids are meant to enhance your day. Not slow you down or stimulate too much but to give you that bit of an edge. Start off with the legendary Jack Herer (Emperor of Hemp), the THC potent Chemdog or the classic Bubblegum with smooth flavor.

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Relax & Enjoy


Can't sleep or need to wind down at the end of a long day? Relax and enjoy the effects of an indica. We picked 4 strains that have such good genetics... they're used to make dozens of others. Purple Kush, Northern Lights, GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) and of course Cheese.

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Pacific Coast

About Sunwest Genetics

Sunwest Genetics is a West Coast cannabis seeds brand dedicated to providing top tier service and quality seeds, its that simple. We make sure our seeds have the best genetics and are batch tested before packaging to ensure that we have 80%+ germination rates."From Our Garden to Yours".

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Quality We Standby

Sunwest Genetics stands by our carefully selected seeds that are bred to have some of the best genetics in the cannabis industry with high germination rates and personal service.

Worldwide Seed Delivery

We deliver to our cannabis seeds worldwide. While some countries are difficult to ship to, we take extra steps to ensure you get your delivery... globally.

Phone Orders & Live Support

Call or Chat with us until 8pm Pacific Time. Our staff are here to help you with questions about your delivery and seeds. You can even place orders over the phone. +1 (800) 805-7835