Cherry Pie Feminized

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Cherry Pie is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a high THC content that can induce euphoria, boosts energy, and happiness. It can also activate the creative juices flowing in one’s brain as a focused and attentive high is also evident. As its name connotes, this strain tastes very much like cherry pie. With a THC range of 13% to 23% that averages at 20%, this is considered a potent strain. Cherry Pie Feminized genetics is a product of crossing Granddaddy Purple and the African strain Durban Poison. This excellent social strain is a great weed to be productive the whole day. 

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Cherry Pie Feminized Strain Specifications

  • Type: Indica-dominant (80%)
  • Genetics Parents: Granddaddy Purple x Durban Poison 
  • Flowering Period:  8 – 9 weeks
  • Climate: Warm, Mediterranean Climate
  • Yield: 16 ounces per sqm/ 14 ounces per plant 
  • Flavors: Blueberry, Cherry, Earthy, Sweet
  • THC Level: 20%
  • CBD Level: 0.05%
  • Height: Medium
  • Harvest Period: Late October
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cherry Pie Feminized?

Surprisingly, Cherry Pie Feminized gives out more Sativa inspired highs even if it is an Indica-dominant hybrid. A jolt of energy will instantly fill up the user’s body and mind, as his thoughts begin to race, a talkative and sociable effect will manifest itself. This quick-hitting cannabis strain will awake those feelings of euphoria within the user. It is very light on the effects of having a high body just making you a bit relaxed. Instead of making the user feel slow and lazy, as other Indica dominant hybrids do, this will put a pep in your actions, and the urge to continuously find tasks to do will be the primary goal of the user high on this weed strain. This is not a weed to be consumed before bedtime since it will keep the user tossing and turning while the high lasts. 

The buds of Cherry Pie strains are dense, moist, and round with orange pistils covering the leaves that have an olive greenish hue. Its aroma and flavors are what lures a lot of cannabis connoisseurs to this strain. It smells like a freshly baked cherry pie that just came out of the oven. Hints of blueberries and earthy spice are noticed as well. As for its flavor, the skunky and piney flavor will be evident in the first hit but soon after, the flavor of cherry pie and a peppery spice flavor will appear as an aftertaste and remain on the lips of the user as he exhales.

What are the Medical Benefits of Cherry Pie Feminized?

The ability of Cherry Pie marijuana strain to uplift the mood and provide a boost of energy to a medical cannabis patient is a perfect way to aid in the treatment of stress, anxiety, and depression. The user’s mind, which is clouded with a cacophony of cynical and troublesome thoughts, is freed from these irritating thoughts and replaced with a full positive mindset allowing the patient to function productively. Although the Cherry Pie isn’t the most potent strain, it is also used by some medical cannabis patients to bring relief to some minor pains such as muscle tension, headaches, and joint pains. By giving off a slightly relaxing feeling to the patient, a relief from the pain is felt while the high lasts.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cherry Pie Feminized

The side effects you can get from consuming Cherry Pie cannabis are dry mouth, dry and reddish eyes. Dehydration is also a possibility but there’s nothing better than taking a sip of water during and after using this weed.

How to Grow Cherry Pie Feminized

A warm and Mediterranean-like climate with a bounty of sunlight will make this plant happy. This is a very easy plant to grow and novice growers may use this cannabis strain to hone their marijuana cultivation skills with this weed and prepare them for more difficult strings in the future. Routine maintenance of trimming and pruning the plant will make it healthier and more productive. Consider adding worm castings or bat guano as a supplement to the soil mix to make a nutrient-rich soil mix that will make the plant grow healthier. A dry atmosphere is what this plant needs especially during the flowering stage where the formation of molds and mildew may wipe out an entire crop. Consider setting up a good ventilation system of vent fans, outtakes, and oscillating fans to control the flow of air within the grow room.

Growing this cannabis strain where the environment should be warm, sunny, and have average humidity levels will be best for this plant to thrive. Pruning this plant is also necessary as if not controlled, this medium-sized plant can grow uncontrollably bushy, especially that it is exposed to nature’s bounty.

13 reviews for Cherry Pie Feminized

  1. Billy Adams

    Great strain and has a great medicinal uses. I really love it’s impressive effects, delicious cherry, and earthy flavors, and the relaxing feeling bring.

  2. Marcus Warren

    Super dense buds, full of trichomes and look great! It’s delicious! Very happy the way she turned out. It does have an average cerebral stimulation on me. It is great for pain, insomnia and relaxation. Very respectable strain! This is not my first go around with SWG and will not be my last!

  3. Theodore Dixon

    I’m very happy for my first grow although it wasn’t easy for me as a first time grower. Great genetics and powerful taste and effects. It’s a very nice combination making this strain a great night time tasty high for me. Awesome strain! Thank You SWG!

  4. Clifford Ramos

    She has grown well and strong. Nice taste and smell. They are extremely potent, full of trichomes and look great. It tastes fantastic! It has a taste of lime with a little more sweet. I love it for my chronic pain and inflammation. It’s great for a pre-bedtime dose. By far the best!

  5. Miguel Reyes

    I was struggling raising her. This is not for first time growers but pretty much satisfied with the way they’ve developed overall. Smells amazing, the flavor is great and the high is great as well. It was love at first hit! It swept away my tires and gave you a mild relaxation, no couch lock.

  6. Oscar Burns

    I’m very happy with the outcome so far of what I’ve grown and cropped out and yields very nicely! I smoked her in vape and it quickly put a smile on my face and made me giggly. I like the sweet and sour taste, it’s fruity! It helps to relieve muscle aches and tension. I really like the high but calm. This is a pure winner!

  7. Taylor Jenkins

    So glad that my seeds have grown so good. This strain is sweet as cherry and tastes like them as well. I got used to the kind of high that it offers and I usually use it at night before bedtime. Had the most relaxing and rejuvenating sleep ever!

  8. Rudy Capalla

    Damn, this strain hits! I was looking for a nice indica vibe off this and I certainly got it. Reaaally smooth tasting strain, I felt like I was at a U2 concert! Super relaxing for my stress as well. It also had me cracking up with giggles. Perfect for night use, you wont believe how well I slept. Anyway, great job once again SWG! Gonna have to stock up soon

  9. Chris Harris

    One of the best feminized indica- sativa hybrid strains out there! I am particularly impressed that by using it, I can completely relax, my head is free from anxieties, and getting high with it is just at the right level of high for an experienced user like me. I will definitely be sharing this to my friends! Gold stars for Sunwest Genetics!

  10. Clint Harris

    Trying this in both big and small doses to see the difference of the effects. In small doses, it keeps you relaxed and removes nausea, In large doses, I get locked in my couch. But one thing I could say about Cherry Pie is that this is perfect for experienced users for the potency of its effect due to its high THC. For beginner users, they may try this at small doses first until they get used to it. Truly impressive strain!

  11. BlakeJ

    Ugghhh! Very potent and strong. Definitely not for beginner users but definitely perfect for experienced ones like me who need long lasting, and potent cerebral high. It grows really fast. I harvested my crops in no time so cultivating it relatively easy by following the right procedure. I am ordering more of this this time so I could experience its goodness more! Truly impressive!

  12. S. Jones

    I’ve been into breeding strains Cherry Pie is one of the best. Impressive color,unforgetable taste and smell so good that it can blow your mind. Lying in the bed during cold days just a match in heaven. This strain takes courage and a little skills to grow it better and have it create thicker buds. I tell, you muct try this!..

  13. Eric Mena

    Cherry Pie Fem is a very strong weed that makes me sit on my couch for a long-time, at the same time gives deep relaxation. This marijuana is very flavorful the generates a taste of sweet cheery with earthiness aftertaste. I have grown this indoors and it grows with an average height and large and thick buds with the color of purple and green that emits a scent like sweet cherries. I have done low-stress-training the reason why it produces high yields.

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