CBD Kali Kush

CBD Kali Kush Marijuana Seeds

The CBD Kali Kush is an Indica-dominant strain that puts smokers in a state of tranquility and at the same time enhances the moods.This well-balanced strain offers these effects without the downside of the narcotics component due to its equal amount of THC and CBD. Medical marijuana users will find delight in knowing that this strain does not induce psychedelic effects and focuses only on alleviating medical conditions.

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CBD Kali Kush (1:1) Strain Specifications

Type: Indica (80%), Sativa (20%)
Genetics Parents:
Flowering Period: 10 Weeks
Climate: Warm and Sunny
Yield: up to 300 g/m2 (indoors) ; up to 400 g/plant (outdoors)
Flavors: Herbal, Fruity, Mint, Coffee, Citrus
THC Level:
CBD Level:
Height: 75 cm to 120 cm
Harvest Period: Mid-September
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of CBD Kali Kush (1:1)?

For newbies, the CBD Kali Kush emits pungent notes that can be overwhelming initially. The spicy and coffee flavors coming from the Kush parent is highly evident once the smoke is inhaled. After some time, hints of a fruity, mint, and citrus flavors can also be tasted.

As it is leaning heavily on the Indica side, it offers a body high that puts smokers in a fully relaxed mode. The buzz starts at the back of the head, to the neck, and then to the rest of the body. Consuming either moderate or high amounts can still trigger euphoria and an overall brighter mood. After some time, drowsiness takes over and sleep kicks in. The CBD Kali Kush also makes smokers hungry. Thus , it is recommended to have food with you.

What are the Medical Benefits of CBD Kali Kush (1:1)?

The CBD levels of this strain is equal to the THC, which makes it suitable for individuals who consume marijuana for its medical benefits rather than the leisure and pleasure that it offers. As it keeps the body and mind uplifted throughout the high, this strain can relieve individuals who are suffering from psychological conditions that are characterized by constant worries and sadness.

In addition, the physical buzz that manifests can help loosen muscle tensions, and reduce swelling and chronic pains that are caused by ailments such as migraines, arthritis, and menstrual cramps. Individuals who are suffering from extreme weight loss due to eating disorders can be alleviated by the appetite-enhancing properties that this strain has.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from CBD Kali Kush (1:1)

The CBD Kali Kush can still trigger some side effects like dry eyes and cottonmouth. These conditions occur when the body is dehydrated. Thus, to prevent any disturbances in your smoking session, drinking lots of liquid before consuming this strain should be important.

How to Grow CBD Kali Kush (1:1)

When growing the CBD Kali Kush, monitoring and maintenance is essential. For indoor growing, using LED lamps is preferred. Using the Sea of Green (SCRoG) method can help optimize the growth of this plant. It is important to control the humidity level as it can be the cause of a buildup in moisture, which can be harmful to the plant. After 70 days, this plant can produce about 10.5 ounces per square meter. If cultivators prefer to risk and grow it outdoors, then the CBD Kali Kush thrives in Meditteranean-like climate. Around the middle of September, they can reap about 14 ounce per plant.







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