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The words Pineapple Express has a special place in a millennial’s heart. Whether you watched the 2008 stoner classic or have heard of the notorious strain that was still being passed around since there is a reason why this has quite the reputation. Maybe it’s because of the energizing and mood lifting high that can give you laser focus and buzz to last the whole day or the recognizable flavor that stays in your palate even after the first hit? Maybe it’s both of them. Not only is it a balanced strain but it tastes like something straight out of Paradise.

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Pineapple Express Autoflower Strain Specifications

  • Type: Sativa-dominant, Autoflowering (60% Sativa 30% Indica 10% Ruderalis)
  • Genetics Parents: Pineapple Chunk x Ruderalis
  • Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks
  • Climate: Hot, Temperate
  • Yield: 100 – 600 gr/m² indoor, 50 – 200 gr/plant outside
  • Flavors: Tropical, Sweet, Sour Pineapple
  • THC Level: Up to 20%
  • CBD Level: .90%
  • Height: 80 – 120 cm
  • Harvest Period: Mid October to Early November
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Pineapple Express Autoflower?

Let’s get right into business! The very noticeable pungent fruity smell can make you visualize a tropical vacation on the beach, melting all your worries away. With its sweet and delectable aroma, it can attract anyone in the vicinity. The very first hit will remind you of an apple and tangerine mix, not really the sweetest in the bunch but you will notice the citrus, fruit, maybe a little herbal added in. Inhaling in, you’ll be blasted with fruitiness this cannabis has, with signature pineapple left on your tongue and make you salivate with pleasure. With an exhale, taste the woody pine in your mouth then make rounds in your nostrils.

One thing, however, is how the film depicted this strain. In the movie, it’s not as strong and it makes the user dumb as a rock. Totally wrong. What THIS strain gives you, in fact, is a cerebral rush with the potential to innovate right from your temples down to your body. This will then give you a body relaxation effect but gives you the will to push on the work you’re planning. It even keeps the user happy with a creative spirit. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Pineapple Express Autoflower?

Pineapple Express as medicinal cannabis is a great countermeasure against clinical depression due to its filling and energizing effects. It can easily motivate you to go out and get things done instead of staying inside your mind and mope. Adding to that, as it gives a great amount of energy, it can also give positive thoughts. It can deal with stress, anxiety and has been reported to keep patients relieved from PTSD. Finally, for managing chronic pain, consuming a reasonably large dose may allow alleviating its symptoms, especially concentrates, candies and edibles with this cannabis.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Pineapple Express Autoflower

Pineapple Express doesn’t have too much of a kick so the adverse effects can be considered minimal. There still is the common cottonmouth and dry eyes, but with liquids and eye drops it can be easily remedied.  Other than that, it can be safe to say that this wonder weed is almost risk-free.

How to Grow Pineapple Express Autoflower Seeds 

Pineapple Express Autoflower is one hardy strain because of its genetics. And because of its genetics, it can easily resist mold and is readily recommended to beginners. Do keep an eye on its height, which can grow up to 120cm. With that said propping up the plants is recommended. 

Others have also reported mixing coconut fiber in your soil for potentially higher yields. With this, the plant has been sighted to perform its best under the sunny or Mediterranean climate. With how hardy this strain is, this can also grow in colder areas and there are growers saying that T that the cool air actually gives stress and will increase the production of terpene, which makes the flavor richer. 


12 reviews for Pineapple Express AutoFlower

  1. Phillip Parnell

    Finally, after a long search of what’s the best auto flowering to grow I already found the best auto flowering seeds,, and that is pineapple express! I really like this strain because it blooms large and give dense flowers, and also after using it can make you feel happy and uplifted your mood.

  2. Mary Beecher

    My first run with a new medium and a new fertilizer and I got a delightful nice yield! Incredible taste, very sweet fruity/tropical. Nice high! A very balanced hybrid, uplifting and euphoric. My new favorite strain. I definitely recommend Pineapple Express of Sun West Genetics!

  3. Rick Andrews

    This is my first indoor grow and I had some issues but the plant rebounded well. Yielded well and looked like great beautiful crystals nugs. The smells are just delicious tastes/smells of an over ripe pineapple. The smoke is nice and smooth after a brief dry and cure. The high is a very uplifting and energizing type of buzz!

  4. Lester Ruiz

    I’ve been growing for years and this is the easiest strain I’ve ever grown by far with excellent results. Not a hard hitter rather it gives you a very clear and calm high. Super relaxing and upbeat. Pineapple Express is an excellent strain, well done to Sun West Genetics!

  5. Brent Harper

    With a minimum effort but a rewarding harvest, top aromas and flavors. Best bud I’ve ever smelled. Such a pleasant aroma and smooth smoke. Extremely energizing and uplifting while the body was more like let’s melt into the couch. One of the best seed companies is Sun West Genetics!

  6. Ramon Riley

    I had so much fun growing this plant, seeing her take off, unleash her trichomes and become a mature lady. Not harsh when smoked. Very tasty! The effects are very uplifting and creative and focused with a sense of euphoria. Pineapple Express is the best strain I’ve had so far!

  7. Charlie Fox

    Excellent plant and very strong. It has a typical hybrid bud with a medium amount of trichomes. The taste was so good and had a delicious aroma while exhaling. The high is balance. Not super strong but good to chill outside with friends. Give this one a try, it won’t let you down!

  8. Robert Lynne

    I thought nothing could top my previous favorite strain but this one – this Pineapple Express Autoflowering strain – is so potent and aromatic, that I feel really energized and relaxed every single time I used it. I am glad that I found this one as it also made my life easier. It grows fast! After 7 weeks, I already have my first harvest. And it is perfectly helpful to relieve my stress from a whole day of work. I can still do lfun activities at home using this. Highly recommended!

  9. Kennedy Sanford

    I am a huge fan of this for its therapeutic effects! It’s been weeks since my friend let me try this strain and so far, it’s effects on my mood and my outlook are so astonishing. It uplifts your mood and energizes your body without fail! I use this strain mostly for medical purpose instead of recreational ones, but either way, I am getting the best of both worlds!

  10. Viki Martin

    All the seeds have developed into the prettiest filled plants I can imagine. The quantity consumed by these plants was impressive for their amount. So quick and the scheduling is fast so you have time to really get them processing before your harvesting season.

  11. Jeff Jo

    Pineapple express Autoflowering strain is like a champion mental, emotional, and energy booster. It improves the way I approach life both at work and at home as it keeps me productive, happy, and passionate about what I do. It’s definitely highly recommended for daytime use. Many of my customers agree that this strain uplifts their mood and keeps them excited. I am glad that I get to share its goodness to my customers by growing this one in my humble greenhouse!

  12. Caleb H.

    The aroma and that fruit flavor is perfect! But do not take much or else you will be lost in space. Its smoke is so satisfying with a juicy pineapple flavor. It supports your hectic day and lift your mood. Plant it outdoor, indeed gives me a good grow with moderate yield.

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