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Best Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

Welcome to the great outdoors! Want to grow cannabis seeds but are on a tight budget for indoor cultivation? Outdoor marijuana seeds are the best choice. Germinating cannabis seeds outdoors is the standard norm for the old school cultivators and what better is that it is very cost-effective with some rich soil, water, and the sun you can grow your weed plant and reap the rewards. Here at Sunwest Genetics, we offer premium quality genetics for outdoor cannabis cultivation. We guarantee that the seeds we sell are very suitable for outdoor growing and will grow into a strong and durable cannabis plant.

Why grow your marijuana seeds outdoors?

Whatever we go through we always come back to the roots and the roots of cannabis cultivation are growing it outdoors as it is the simplest and most economical option. The only restriction on the amount of your harvest while growing marijuana outdoors is the wild card that is mother nature. Your plants will flourish with more room to grow, producing more than they would indoors. The outdoor feminized seeds are the most resilient to severe weather and significant climate changes. When grown properly, you’ll obtain better harvests and, with any luck, you’ll be able to develop plants that can have huge yields.

What are the advantages of outdoor cannabis seeds?

There are many advantages of outdoor marijuana seeds and we will list them down for you:

  • It is very cost-effective as you won’t be needing to buy artificial lighting as the sun will provide it.
  • You can plant tall cannabis plants as space won’t be an issue.
  • Requires less effort and maintenance.
  • You won’t have to sacrifice space in your house as it is grown outdoors.

What are the disadvantages of outdoor cannabis seeds?

There might be pros to growing marijuana seeds outdoors but there are also some cons here are some:

  • Your plants will be exposed to insects and pests.
  • You won’t have control over nature and some miscalculation might occur.
  • You will have to schedule your growing months.
  • It will take longer to harvest your cannabis plants.

Here are our best marijuana seeds we recommend!

Cheese Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Type: 60% Indica, 30% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis

Genetics: Cheese x Critical Plus Autoflowering

Growing Period: 10 Weeks

THC Content: 9% to 12%

Often dubbed as one of the best gateway strains to start your marijuana growing operations, these Cheese Autoflowering seeds are perfect for those beginners looking to ease their way into the whole cultivation process. The quick-growing ruderalis genetics along with the high resistance to molds make this a premium choice for outdoor growers. It is capable of withstanding the fluctuations in temperatures quite well without suffering from certain deficiencies and errors. 

You will also get some pretty sweet and sour flavors of cheese with each toke that you take. This is also the perfect strain to have for those who want a mild-hitting high. With a THC level of just 9% to 12%, you are still guaranteed a satisfying buzz without crashing down! The effects mainly focus on giving users a happy feeling with elevated spirits. You will feel a constant tingle in your body that makes you laugh and giggle for no reason. Moreover, a nice relaxing sensation will quickly take your mind and give you a care-free mood! 

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Type: 60% Indica, 40% Sativa

Genetics: OG Kush x Durban Poison

Flowering Period: 9 Weeks

THC Content: 25%

Girl Scout Cookies are more iconic than most marijuana strains out there. With a genetic lineage that sprouts from one of the best parent duos found in marijuana strains, this is sure to benefit greatly from the organic and sustainable conditions of an outdoor garden.

You will instantly notice some very minty, spicy, and earthy flavors in this strain. By just taking a few sips, your whole tongue will be covered in a taste similar to the sweet snack that it was named after! The hits of Girl Scout Cookies can come with immensely strong effects. With traces of Indica and Sativa building up the bulk of your experience, it doesn’t get any better than this! While you will generally feel more stoned and lazy, a euphoric daze that captivates your mind will get you a lot more free spirited than most indicas. 

Pineapple Express Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Type: 60% Indica, 30% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis

Genetics: Pineapple Chunk x Pure Ruderalis (Unknown)

Growing Period: 9 to 10 Weeks

THC Content: 20%

One of the most frequently used marijuana strains for outdoor growing is the Pineapple Express Autoflowering. Trust us, there is a lot more to the fame of this strain than the reputation that comes from the movie of the same name. With some autoflowering genetics implanted into this beast bomb, this will be one of the most pleasurable strains to cultivate! In an outdoor and natural environment, Pineapple Express Autoflowering is allowed to expand and grow some very high-yielding plants despite being an autoflowering version.

The tropical and fruity aroma mixed with some skunky presence make this a unique smoking experience unlike any other. As for its effects, this strain will keep you steady in one position while a blissful blanket of euphoria sweeps through your whole person. With a high that lasts as long as 2 to 4 hours, you will definitely be tucked neatly into your beds at the climax of this joint’s effects!

Lavender Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Type: 60% Indica, 40% Sativa 

Genetics: Afghani Hawaiian x Big Skunk Korean x Super Skunk

Flowering Period: 9 to 10 Weeks

THC Content: 15% to 20%

Often considered as a luxurious strain with a very floral and fragrant scent, these Lavender Feminized seeds are a treasure of hidden gems that come in the form of resinous buds! These are easy to obtain from these seeds as Lavender is quite easy to grow. If placed in an outdoor setting, you can get the full growing experience of Lavender. The high yields are much more possible outdoors because of being exposed to natural lighting and airflow. Additionally, applying a ScrOG will surely enhance the yields of Lavender seeds. 

It is a strain that will get you feeling down and lazy, with its indica-dominant properties strong enough to keep you well under the roof of your homes. While it won’t exactly send your body crashing down, you will still feel pretty unmotivated to do anything besides chill out! Lavender Feminized also comes with enough pop to enhance your moods, making it quite the versatile hitter. 

Chemdog Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Type: 55% Indica, 45% Sativa

Genetics: Nepal and Thai Landraces

Flowering Period: 7 to 9 Weeks

THC Content: 23%

Lastly, Chemdog Feminized is a hybrid strain that offers a fairly equal ratio of both indica and sativa genetics. This carries well into the growing experience as Chemdog is both mold-resistant and capable of coming up with high volumes of frosty and trichome-filled buds. As they will need no sort of special attention due to being quite low-maintenance to grow, it is perfectly fine to have them planted outdoors.

You are bound to get a very iconic diesel-like tone in the smoke of this strain. The thick and creamy inhale fills your lungs with bursts of nutty and woody flavors while the exhale brings a more harsh skunkiness. Within minutes of smoking this strain, you will quickly feel the strong cerebral stimulation that it brings. A sudden enhancement of your senses will keep you focused and motivated. Sometimes, other versions of Chemdog will bring a numbing high that calms your nerves. While it won’t keep you immobilized for long, it is still a great touch to have in an otherwise motivating strain! 

Growing outdoors can certainly come with an array of negative factors. But with the use of outdoor marijuana strains, you can make the undertaking of your growing operations so much easier!

Be sure to always opt for outdoor marijuana strains if you are looking to grow your seeds in a more organic and sustainable setting. There are a ton of options that will prove to be effective for your outdoor gardens! All of these strains listed above and more can be bought and ordered at Sunwest Genetics!

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