Fast Version Seeds

Wanna go fast? Then the fast version seeds are for you and it is available for purchase in the USA at Sunwest Genetics. Our fast version weed seeds germinate quickly, and you can harvest them as soon as possible. Since you will be harvesting a few weeks earlier than with conventional seeds, we promise that you may boost your production with our fast version marijuana seeds. We guarantee that our seeds are top-quality and will germinate making your cultivation easier. Place your order right now on Sunwest Genetics to acquire your fast version marijuana seeds.

What are Fast Version Marijuana Seeds?

The fast version seeds strain are cannabis seeds that are genetically modified to flower quicker compared to ordinary marijuana seeds. It is a very seed variety if you want to grow cannabis seeds fast and want more yields in just a short time period. It can also save you more money if it is grown indoors as it is very quick to grow and harvest which means less use of artificial lights. Additionally, the difference between the fast version and autoflowering cannabis seeds is that the fast version cannabis seeds are a cross between photoperiod and autoflowering seeds making it a hybrid of the two thus it will combine the traits of its parents making it flower faster and making it light dependant. Fast version weed seeds have some reliance on light cycles, as this will affect how long their vegetative stage will last, which can be either extended or lessened, in contrast to autoflowering, which does not rely on light cycles and will flower automatically.

What are the advantages of Fast Version Seeds?

There are many advantages of Fast Version marijuana seeds and we will list them down for you.

  • It is cost-effective meaning less maintenance.
  • Faster harvest time compared to common cannabis seeds.
  • Faster harvest equals more yields.
  • Less prone to pests and insects as it is harvested quickly.

How to grow Fast Version Cannabis seeds?

You need to conduct some study in order to grow fast version cannabis seeds, and you’ve come to the perfect place. Growing your plants in a growing environment is the simplest approach to keeping a careful eye on them. It is possible to cultivate it indoors, in a cabinet, or in a spare room. When growing indoors, you may also readily alter the climatic conditions to suit the requirements of your plants. Any sort of soil can be used to develop fast version marijuana seeds. However, you don’t need to be concerned about basic difficulties with soil, such as controlling the pH level of the soil and the roots, nutrients, or soil pests as these seeds are more resilient compared to common seeds and will thrive even in harsh conditions but expect different yields depending on how you plant it.

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