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Best Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

The cultivation of marijuana seeds can come in all different forms and methods. Today, we are offered a choice of growing either regular, feminized, or autoflowering seeds. Autoflowering seeds are the newest type of cannabis seeds to hit the markets and have been extensively used by growers from all around the world! With their unique traits and ability to generate weed buds quickly and easily, autoflowering seeds are a great choice for both indoor and outdoor gardens!

Where Do Autoflowering Seeds Come From?

Autoflowering seeds come from the distinct Cannabis Ruderalis subspecies of marijuana plants. They are indigenous to places that display harsh weathers and extreme growing conditions. Through these, the cannabis ruderalis was able to adapt to its environment and develop the autoflowering ability. This autoflowering ability allows the cannabis plants to grow at their own pace with little to no consideration of the amount of sunlight it receives (in contrast to photoperiod seeds). Thus, they flower automatically regardless of the lighting hours that they are exposed to.

While the cannabis ruderalis is a separate type of weed altogether, it is usually unfit for consumption by itself. This is due to the low levels of THC that it comes with. As such, smoking pure ruderalis by itself will give you a buzz but nothing compared to what indica and sativa users are used to.

As such, the genetics of ruderalis are often crossed with any type of hybrid in order to give it the qualities of a high-inducing strain. These hybrids crossed with ruderalis are generally termed as autoflowering seeds

Here are the best autoflowering marijuana seeds that you can get your hands on! These surely won’t disappoint you!

1. Purple Kush Autoflowering Seeds

Coming in at number one is the widely-beloved Purple Kush that now comes in Autoflowering versions! 

Purple Kush Autoflowering is a pure indica/indica-dominant hybrid that is sure to leave users enchanted by its deeply tranquil effects! It makes use of two of the very best landrace indicas out there as parent strains: the original Aghani and some Hindu Kush. Throw in some ruderalis genetics in there and you now have one heck of a strain. The THC contents of Purple Kush Autoflowering has a pretty rough spread of around 14% to a whopping 27%. It has some heavy earthy flavors mixed in with hints of berries as well. 

Growing Purple Kush Autoflowering is perfect for beginners. As it will take around 9 for this bad boy to come up with some buds, you don’t have to wait for too long! You won’t need to give much attention to these seeds as they are fully capable of flowering by themselves! 

The high of Purple Kush displays the finest indica effects that you can get from any strain out there. You are bound to start feeling your body melt into a state of dreaminess as the sedating effects come into play. In its climax, strong buzzes of pure tranquility will keep you down for long hours!

2. Bubble Gum Autoflowering Seeds

Forget candy, this Bubble Gum Autoflowering strain is the next big thing! 

Here we have the Bubble Gum Autoflowering seeds, an indica-dominant hybrid that offers more than just sweet sensations in the mouth. This hybrid is the result of crossing some unknown strains with the foreign Indiana Bubblegum. Despite its lineage being shrouded in complete mystery, Bubble Gum is still a classic in its own right! It has numerous awards and accolades to its name, which further testifies to its legendary status.

Growing these Bubble Gum seeds is made extremely easy thanks to the autoflowering traits that it comes with. It would only take around 7 to 9 weeks for this strain to flower, which is rather quick even for ruderalis standards. Bubble Gum Autoflower can produce a good amount of resin-filled buds that we are sure all growers will enjoy. Overall, it is the perfect go-to strain for growers looking to split an indoor and outdoor setup.

Bubble Gum Autoflowering has a THC level that clocks in at an average of 18%. The high of this strain is often characterized as being a mild blend of euphoric and relaxing. With the balance of cerebral and physical sensations wrapping around you, you are sure to get an uplifted vibe while still sitting comfortably in your couches!

3. Northern Lights Autoflowering Seeds

From its very classic origins now comes the Northern Lights Autoflowering strain!

Northern Lights Autoflowering comes as an indica-dominant variant by mixing some ruderalis genetics with pure Afghani origins. The result? A power-punching indica autoflower that will knock you out within minutes of smoking it! That’s right, this autoflowering version of Northern Lights still holds up as one of the very best in the markets. Because of the ruderalis genetics, the THC level of this strain is cut down to an average of 14%. 

This variant is capable of providing both indoor and outdoor growers with frosty, dense buds. While growing the likes of this strain, you can expect short and shrubby plants that can save up a ton of gardening space! Northern Lights Autoflowering has a flowering time that lasts around 8 to 9 weeks. 

For the effects, you are more than sure to receive a long-lasting stone that may get you feeling drowsy along the way. Mild buzzes of euphoria fill your mind as it starts being overwhelmed with a relaxing and therapeutic massage. With this, you get some great tastes of spiciness and pine that will just elevate the overall impact of the strain’s smoke.

4. Big Devil Autoflowering Seeds

This Big Devil is definitely a bang for your buck with how well she hits you in the right places!

While many people state this to be of an indica-dominant type, there are also other versions of Big Devil Autoflowering that come in a balanced mix of both indica and sativa. It is largely unknown as to where exactly the Big Devil first came from, but blending in some fine ruderalis into the already existing hybrid makes for an award-winning strain!

Under a more controlled growing environment, Big Devil Autoflowering will be able to reach its full potential in height and size. Indoors are usually recommended for these autoflowering seeds in order to help it reach its maximum yields. However, as it can resist pests and molds very well, growers should have no problem getting these to thrive outdoors.

Big Devil Autoflowering averages a THC level of around 15% to 20%. Upon smoking it, you are instantly met with a calm and clear-headed sensation that uplifts your mood. The trippy buzz is accompanied by a long-lasting hit of pure bliss that keeps your body relaxed while your mind gets transported to a whole new plane. There is a very sweet yet kunky profile in Big Devil Autoflowering that makes it a lot smoother and easy on the throat.

5. Cheese Autoflowering Seeds

As a strain that used to be considered as a “man among boys”, the Cheese strain has captivated the whole weed scene for many years now!

This Cheese Autoflowering variant poses a dominance that leans more towards the indica side of things. As it has been around for nearly four decades, Cheese Autoflowering has all the makings of a legendary classic. It has been a staple in many farms throughout the years. Even today, many people find themselves going back for some Cheese every now and then. 

With these autoflowering seeds, growers are more than likely to enjoy some Cheese a lot more than they used to! You will consistently get resin-filled buds that will be oozing with trichomes from each plant. It will have no problems adjusting to any given growing condition so you won’t have to worry much about your garden setups. The flowering period for this strain may take around 8 to 9 weeks on average. 

There is a reason as to why the Cheese Autoflowering strain is so beloved by many growers out there. The rich and bitter taste of cheese that gets quite sour at the end makes for a splendid smoking experience. While this is more of a relaxing strain as opposed to an energizing one, it is still very cerebral and uplifting. Your mind is instantly blown away with the happy thoughts that come from this. Anything that might be worrying you will immediately fade away!

6. Pineapple Express Autoflowering Seeds

Did this strain inspire the making of the movie? Or was the movie a direct reference to the strain? While the debate goes on and on, we are just glad that it happened either way!

This Pineapple Express Autoflowering strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that consists of genetics from some Hawaiian sativa and Trainwreck with some robust ruderalis blended into it all. Of course, there are other versions of this strain that make use of other genetics as well. It is particularly known to have some extremely mouthwatering flavors of pineapple and fruits. This gives it tropical bursts that completely obliterate any bad vibes you have. 

Despite this being an autoflowering strain, you might still need a moderate amount of experience in growing it. The flowering period is pretty quick especially for sativa standards, taking only 7 to 8 weeks in total to completely mature. Once you get the hang of these seeds, they will give you yields consisting of the best quality buds out there!

Pineapple Express is widely considered as a “wake and bake” strain in the sense that it will get you up and going after having a few tokes! In addition to the happy and euphoric buzz you get, smokers of this will receive a heightened sense of focus and creativity. It still gives you a whopping 26% of THC, which is pretty wild considering the ruderalis genetics in this strain! 

7. Sweet Tooth Autoflowering Seeds

Looking for a strain that will give you more than you ask for? Enter the Sweet Tooth!

Sweet Tooth Autoflowering is an indica-dominant hybrid that will quite literally satisfy any sweet tooth that you have! With a High Times Cannabis Cup award under its name, you are pretty much guaranteed an amazing high that won’t leave you disappointed!

This autoflowering strain is robust and lively from the jump. As it begins maturing and reaching its full potential, you will certainly appreciate the bright green hues and amber-like pistils that surround its buds. It is one of the best choices for beginner growers due to the relative ease that comes with cultivating it. The flowering of Sweet Tooth Autoflowering is extremely short, as it could take as short as 50 days to fully peak!

Smoking some buds of Sweet Tooth will leave you in a hazy state that makes you unmotivated to do anything else. With constant surges of relaxation moving up and down your body, any discomfort and pain levels can effectively be mitigated.

8. AK-47 Autoflowering Seeds

Don’t let the name fool you! As aggressive as it may be sounding, this is actually quite the mellow hitter!

From the ruderalis end of things comes the AK-47 Autoflowering marijuana strain. This sativa-leaning hybrid hosts a plethora of flavors and smells in its buds. The high of AK-47 isn’t something to be messed with, too! It has a quick-acting hit that balances out both indica and sativa influences in it. 

This strain isn’t exactly the fastest grower as it will usually take an average of 10 full weeks to get these buds. However, any grower with some kind of cultivation experience will more than likely be satisfied with these marijuana seeds. It won’t demand any kind of specific treatment so sticking to the fundamentals for cannabis is more than enough for these.

If we had to describe the way that this strain hits, it would be: stoned. That’s right, you are bound to get stoned out of your mind with this AK-47 Autoflowering strain. However, don’t worry as it isn’t something overly powerful! Instead, you are eased into the whole thing that will start in your head. After a while, a blanket of pure tranquility covers you whole body that gets more and more relaxing with each passing minute.

9. Amnesia Autoflowering Seeds

This one is for all the growers who want to spice things up in their gardens!

The original Amnesia now comes in autoflowering variants! This classic breeds some Amnesia with traces of ruderalis, effectively coming up with the autoflowering strain that took over the cannabis markets! It generally consists of a balanced ratio of indica and sativa genetics, which makes it very appealing for people who wish to go for equal hits of physical and cerebral sensations. 

Here’s the thing with growing Amnesia Autoflowering: it tends to get quite demanding! Properly adjusting the nutrient intake of this strain is a key factor in its growth. However, once you get the basics down, you will surely be able to get these seeds to prosper! It holds down molds very well, which should be more appealing to those outdoor growers.

This Amnesia Autoflowering strain has the ability to get you hyped while still calming down your nerves. This can come in handy as both a daytime starter or a nighttime finisher! You won’t exactly feel down and lazy with Amnesia Autoflowering, but it surely does enough to help you stay mellow!

10. Afghan Autoflowering Seeds

Last is a strain that has surely earned every right to be on this list: the classic Afghan Autoflowering

Combining landrace strains with ruderalis genetics is something that is sure to bring only great things to gardens. One major proof of evidence for this is the Afghan Autoflowering strain, the birth child of crossing some pure Afghan with ruderalis. Couple the durability of Afghan with the autoflowering quality, you are left with one of the best strains to have in your marijuana gardens! 

Growing these seeds should prove to be no problem at all. As it will do well in virtually any given setup that you have, very little maintenance will need to be given to these seeds. It will be able to flower in 10 to 12 weeks, which isn’t exactly the shortest flowering time. However, this is made up for by the great resistance that it has to diseases and molds. Overall, it is a strain that will just stick to the basics of growing.

As for the effects, you are sure to get some really lazy and downing vibes from this. It is often recommended as a nighttime strain due to the sleepiness that comes with it. All the muscles in your body are immediately put into a state of therapeutic massages as the high will continue for hours on end!


There are loads of autoflowering strains out there. However, we believe that these marijuana strains are the ones that are sure to satisfy any grower! They are easy to grow,  packed full of flavor, and provide some great highs that will last for long hours! Autoflowering strains definitely make everything a lot easier. With their rise, 

All of these and more are made available at SunWest Genetics. The only seeds that this seed bank delivers are the highest quality ones held with the highest standards. With the cheap prices and reliable delivery methods, there is no better source for your marijuana seeds!

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