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juicy fruit

Juicy Fruit Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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A popular hybrid called Juicy Fruit Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds was produced by crossing Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa, two well-known cannabis strains. It provides a nice balance of physical relaxation and mental euphoria thanks to its Sativa-Dominant profile. It is well-known for its euphoric and uplifting effects and has a CBD level of 0.20 percent and a THC concentration of 23 percent. Juicy Fruit Strain is an excellent cultivating choice for newcomers. It has a very short growing season of 9 to 10 weeks and does well in various temperatures, including warm, cool, and mild ones. Reputable cannabis seed banks and sellers frequently have Juicy Fruit Strain Feminized and its Autoflowering seeds available online. you ensure seed quality and make sure you purchase from reliable suppliers. To ensure the quality of your seeds, only purchase from reliable suppliers. Sunwest Genetics is one of the top seed banks for all your cannabis seed requirements. To ensure a successful and joyful growing experience for all enthusiasts, they provide a wide selection of premium seeds, including the amazing Juicy Fruit strain.

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Strain Specifications

Strain Specifications
Afghani Indica x Thai Sativa
CBG Level
Dry, Mediterranean, Sunny, Warm
Indoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Outdoor Height
Large (8+ FT)
Harvesting Time
Late September - Early October
Strain Specifications
Indoor Yields
Outdoor Yields
Forest Green, Layer of Trichomes, Possibility of Purple Buds, Proper Ventilation, Thick Buds
Taste and Smell
Berry, Citrus, Earthy, Pineapple, Sweet, Tropical
Creative, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting
Bisabolol, Caryophyllene, Delta 3 Carene, Limonene, Myrcene

Juicy Fruit Strain Growing Information

Juicy Fruit should be on your list if you want to produce a cannabis variety that is as enjoyable to consume as it is to grow. This breed is ideal for outdoor producers in areas with good weather because it thrives in sunny, Mediterranean, warm, and dry climates.

When growing the juicy fruit strain, proper ventilation is essential. Maintaining a steady flow of fresh air around your plants helps keep moisture-related problems from occurring, keeping your garden happy and healthy. It has an 8 to 9-week growth season, and harvest usually occurs in late September or early October. Therefore, you will immediately reap the rewards of your labor.

While outdoor growing can generate about 500g per plant, indoor producers should anticipate a yield of around 400g/m2. Juicy Fruit is a lucrative option for individuals looking for a plentiful harvest because of these abundant yields. This strain suits indoor setups because it may grow to medium indoor heights of between 5 and 8 feet. Make sure you have the space because, when grown outside, it may reach heights of up to 8 feet.

Think about cutting, topping, and pruning to maximize your weed garden. These techniques can aid in regulating growth, bud formation, and air circulation. The fact that Juicy Fruit is simple to grow is wonderful news for novice gardeners. It is the perfect option for individuals starting their cultivation journey due to its hardiness and forgiveness. Regardless of your level of gardening expertise, Juicy Fruit Strain will undoubtedly enhance the flavor of your garden.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance of Juicy Fruit Strain

For your taste senses and eyes, the Juicy Fruit strain is like a vacation in the tropics. This wonderful cannabis strain is a true treasure among strains because of its alluring blend of terpenes, tastes, and looks. Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Bisabolol, Delta 3 Carene, and Limonene make up Juicy Fruit’s terpene profile. These ingredients produce a symphony of flavors and fragrances that delight you.

Get mesmerized by the delicious, lemony tones that Juicy Fruit will bring to your attention. Each inhale, berry, pineapple, and tropical fruit hints take you to an exotic paradise while underlying earthy tones provide a solid basis.

A sight to behold is the appearance of Juicy Fruit Strain. Its buds are an eye-pleasing deep forest green, frequently accented by the potential for vibrant purple hues. These substantial buds are covered in a thick coating of trichomes, which sparkle like dewdrops in the sunlight and allude to the strain’s power. Overall, the Juicy Fruit strain provides a seductive, mouthwatering, eye-catching sensory experience. With every puff, this strain promises to whisk you to a world of sweet, fruity happiness with its tropical flavor profile, forest-green blooms, and a hint of purple.

Strain Effects

This strain produces a lovely chorus of exhilaration, creativity, happiness, and upliftment as its effects. It is the ideal companion when you want to improve your disposition, stimulate your imagination, or just enjoy yourself completely. Despite having genetics that lean heavily toward Sativa, Juicy Fruit Strain also has a hint of calm. This makes it adaptable whether looking for a quiet moment of calmness or an inspired rush of inspiration. It is a go-to option for those looking for creativity and positivity because of its euphoric, creative, and uplifting benefits. delicious Fruit Strain might provide you with a delicious slice of joy whether you are an artist, an explorer, or just trying to be happier.

Description of Juicy Fruit Strain

The Juicy Fruit strain, sometimes called “Juicy Fruit OG” or “Fruity Juice,” is a masterful Thai Sativa and Afghani Indica synthesis. It promises an explosive experience for cannabis fans seeking euphoria and creativity, with a THC level that averages an astonishing 23%. While THC dominates this strain, it is important to note that Juicy Fruit Strain also has a negligible 0.20% CBD concentration. This understated presence might provide a light counterpoint to the strength of THC, thus resulting in a more well-rounded and balanced experience.

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10 reviews for Juicy Fruit Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Alesia Stott

    What I like about Juicy Fruit Feminized because of its juicy and fruity taste and smell. It makes make giggly, talkative, and relaxed. That is why, I use this before I went to any social interaction.

  2. Jay Gordon

    I love growing this plant. Buds were really big and resinous. I really didn’t do anything to this plant when it came to training. The smell is pleasant like sour and citrus. Juicy Fruit had me feeling calm yet energized. This is my go to strain during the day.

  3. Jim Shaw

    This plant was the most resinous plant I have ever seen, my other plants were super sticky but this plant was something else. I love her aroma and the effect was amazing! It’s a great social strain. Very suitable for lots of laughs. I definitely recommend this and your company SWG!

  4. Tom Holmes

    It was a great plant to grow, and seemed to be strong and resilient. It tastes so sweet and delicious! I feel creative and talkative. This is a great strain to kick back and have some social time with friends. Would recommend smoking with a group of close friends.

  5. Clavin Rice

    The girl turned out really well, considering the issues I had in the beginning. I made two hits before it got me because I have a high tolerance. This is by far one of my top strains for medical use and recreation. Favorite strain I have ever smoked. Amazing!

  6. Alex Robertson

    The plant grew amazingly. The biggest buds so far. Great for stoners who just like to sit back and enjoy the ride. Be careful when you smoke enough because any HIGH can be POTENT. If you are not careful, it will fuck you up! Good Job SWG

  7. Harry Banes

    Indeed, this is perfect for daytime use. It pumps you up with the energy you need to start or to cope with stress during your day. Ever since I started using Juicy Fruit Feminized seeds, I have become more creative and active at work. i don’t get irritated right away. Everything seems so bright! I love it! And the smell? It smells delicious!

  8. Dean Elijah

    The almost perfect balance between Indica and sativa in Juicy Fruit Fem makes this strain a perfect option for those who would want to experience the best of both worlds. As a whole, Juicy fruit Fem can give you an experience of mental boosts, and bodily energy that will keep you motivated to work! This is one of the newest strainis that can hold a candle to some of the best ones!

  9. Hubert Aguilar

    Juicy Fruit is very easy to grow and it also boost my mood every time I’m bored. This strain also helps me with my social life as it makes me more chatty person, this strain also takes away my stress and anxiety. The high it gives is very powerful plus the effect that makes me comfortable everywhere. I would surely order this strain again!!

  10. ClintB

    Thank you Sunwest Genetics for the fast and efficient service! I did not have any worries while waiting for my order knowing that they are in good hands. I just received the seeds today, and they seem to be in great shape. I can’t wait to start growing this strain in my garden. I will give this a 10!”

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