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All cannabis seeds orders are shipped from our warehouse in Canada to any part of Canada and the world. While we ship our products discreetly to countries around the world, we are not responsible or whatsoever for any seize seeds as importing of agricultural products to any country is not allowed.

We strongly advise you as a customer to consider the possible circumstances from buying cannabis seeds. By ordering our seeds in our website, we presume that you are aware of the possible seizure of seeds by your country’s customs.

We strongly recommend that you choose the Express Shipping Option in checkout when ordering if you are outside of Canada.

Worldwide Shipping

Sun West Genetics have been in the marijuana seed business for quite some time now and we know the ins and outs of shipping cannabis seeds to any country. While our packages get through almost all the time but there are countries where security checks are much tighter.

Each country differs in the security levels in their custom checks. New Zealand and Australia for instance have high percentage of seized seeds in the border thus we will only ship the seeds to your country if you pay for the $60 Express Shipping Option with tracking and insurance. We will reship your seeds if it gets seized. Most seed companies don’t like shipping to those countries because of this situation.

Compared to other companies, we have higher success rate of delivery because of the fact that the mail will be shipped from Canada – one of the most trusted countries in the world. Netherlands is known for cannabis thus the packages coming from them are mostly likely to get opened than packages from Canada.

Stealth Delivery

We use discreet shipping methods like sex toy, wallet, cellphone case, tampon, beads, automotive tools, etcetera to make sure that your seeds will get through custom checks.

You can’t choose which item the seeds will be shipped into as we know which ones will work. The packages won’t mention anything about our company or any logo associated with a marijuana company. What will show in the package will be a random company related to the item your seeds are shipped with.

Shipping with Tracking Number Option Available

We offer two shipping options in checkout. You can either choose to pay the $10 regular shipping (without tracking and insurance) or $30 or $60 Express Shipping with tracking and insurance (no signature required).

The Express Shipping Option ($30 or $60) guarantees delivery.

Shipping Times

Shipping time differs depending on where you are at.

A. Regular Shipping ($10 without tracking and no insurance) – only available for USA and Canada customers.

Canada – It takes 2 to 7 days via regular mail.
USA – Up to 2 weeks.

NOTE: International countries except Australia and New Zealand are required to pay $30 for shipping with tracking and insurance.

B. Express Shipping with Tracking and Insurance ($30)

This is also available for Canadian customers.
USA – it takes 5 to 7 business days.

International: It can take 7 to 21 days to arrive. Australia and New Zealand need to pay $60 for delivery as shipping to your countries is very difficult because of your tight border checks.

NOTE: Importing seeds to some countries can be difficult. Approximately 5% of all orders get seized in the borders. By choosing the Express Shipping method, you guaranteed to receive your order. In rare cases that your seeds get seized and you paid for Express Shipping Method then we will reship your seeds for free and $10 reshipment fee for those who are in New Zealand and Australia.

If it happens that your seeds get seized and you did not pay for the Express Shipping option, then contact us to discuss. We always have ways to help our customers.

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