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Master Kush Feminized

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Master Kush strain previously called High Rise from south Amsterdam. In coffee shops, this primarily Indica strain found prominence as a special tetraploid strain. Master Kush is a mixed breed between a first Hindu Kush strain as well as a pure skunk strain, despite uncertain genetics. They are among the world’s best crops. This powerful Indica hybrid, with a frequency division Sativa and Indica mix, could achieve THC amounts of up to 18%, making it one of the stronger therapeutic strains today.

Master Kush is among the world’s best-known clones, two Cannabis Cup award winners, and Snoop Dogg’s personal pick. Crafted in the Netherlands, it remains popular there, though selling exceptionally well on the U.S. West Coast. This one has a pungent yet sweet earthy taste, with a light citrus scent that is difficult to identify. The prevailing sensation when elevated is that of complete calm, combined with euphoria and sleepiness, both hereditary heritage products of the pressure. It’s a great insomnia therapy.

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Master Kush Strain Specifications

  • Type: 80% Indica-dominant
  • Genetics Parents: Hindu Kush x Pure Skunk Strain
  • Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks 
  • Climate: Temperate / Continental
  • Yield: 150-200 grams indoors/ 500grams outdoors
  • Flavors: Earthy, sweet, pungent, woody, citrus
  • THC Level: 18%
  • CBD Level: 0.01%
  • Height: 3ft-5ft
  • Harvest Period: September to early October 
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Master Kush Strain?

This strain is pungent in flavor. Master Kush’s taste does have fun and smooth woody-sweetness. It tastes surprisingly earthy with citrus reaction, having it look as it smells. Master Kush is seriously powerful and does not need many puffs. It will take you into a deep couch lock, soothing your entire body, and generating incredible sights that contribute to your enjoyment. Master Kush helps the body feel tingly happy. If you come from a hard day at work, particularly if you’ve been rushing around doing stuff, you’ll understand the results of this pressure. 

An almost pure Indica might have a minor impact on your cognitive sensation, but it’s mostly about calming your body. That same euphoria can be felt as you smoke Master Kush and this will hold your content and invigorated for a few hours, finally preparing for your bed and a long and restful night’s sleep.

What are the Medical Benefits of Master Kush Strain?

Master Kush was used for multiple physical and psychiatric disorders and became very useful in managing acute and persistent problems. Since it’s a good pain reliever, patients with deteriorating tension will find that Master Kush allows the ideal strain to relax. Pain sufferers enjoy this strain due to its power to reduce headaches, muscle spasms, migraines, and joint hurts, making it easy to relax and control their pain. Master Kush is often commonly recommended to anyone who needs support seeking a restful, therapeutic sleep night. This mental state strain can also manage stress, anxiety, and other psychiatric illnesses.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Master Kush Strain

This Indica can make you sound like a cotton-filled mouth, then Master Kush can make the mouth feel dry and mildly dehydrated. A slight bout of dizziness can be found while smoking this strain If taken in greater amounts, a moderate type of paranoia may arise, which can contribute to minor headaches. For those that want to stop the cravings, this Kush could certainly take you right to the kitchen for treats.

How to Grow Master Kush Strain

Master Kush has become such a common strain, a lot of individuals try to grow it at home. The best part is this strain develops remarkably easy. Having tailored its robust biology to the wild mountain regions it originates from. One factor growers enjoy the Master Kush strain very much is that it grows very short.  This is ideal for cultivators needing to keep their production discreet or room short.

Master Kush can withstand colder evening temperatures, though. This makes it appropriate for certain outdoor farmers, but just in the right circumstances. Pakistan-Afghanistan mountain chain from where this strain is highly hot and humid. Most farmers find it hardest to develop their plants to have certain elevated levels of heat and humidity. For others, growing Master Kush outdoors is challenging for anyone residing in certain climates. 

Growers have noticed that the Master Kush strain reacts exceptionally well when put in a green sea (SOG) environment. Garden characters are often used to help growers clear lower bud areas to funnel further energy into colas. Like other strains, growers have said utilizing a hydroponic setup allows the grower greater influence over the cultivation of the plant. When utilizing a hydroponic system, Master Kush plants can also easily jostle. This will lead them to tip right forward, which could kill the plant.

24 reviews for Master Kush Feminized

  1. mellow guy

    I love this Master kush … whenever I feel like getting swallowed up by my couch I take a couple of puffs on my master kush and melt away. It’s great for my anxiety and insomnia. Smoke enough and you are down for the count…ahhhh

  2. GGrunt

    I grew my Master Kush in a small tent. It was perfect for a small area. Love the short flower period. Thinking about trying out some Auto Flowers, Purple Kush Auto Flower.. very cool

  3. Lynn

    I am a chronic pain sufferer. Master Kush was recommended to me by a friend. I’m very happy to say it not only helped with the aches and pains it eased the anxiety I feel from being in constant pain and allowed me to relax before bed and sleep well.

  4. leslie Anne

    I love this Master kush … whenever I feel like getting swallowed up by my couch I take a couple of puffs on my master kush and melt away. It’s great for my anxiety and insomnia. Smoke enough and you are down for the count…ahhhh

  5. doug

    I grew my Master Kush in a new tent. It was perfect for a small area. Love the short flower period. Thinking about trying out the Purple Kush Auto’s

  6. max

    I am a chronic pain sufferer. Master Kush was recommended to me by a friend. I’m very happy to say it not only helped with the aches and pains it eased the anxiety I feel from being in constant pain and allowed me to relax before bed and sleep well.

  7. Max

    Tremendous nice strain. Makes me truly creative yet sleepy at the same time. In actuality good if you need to just chill out as well as focus on the assignment at hand.

  8. John

    Master Kush Feminized strain is made popular because of its prize-winning quality, THC level and amount of yield. It has earthy smell, not suggested for medical use. Apart from its THC level it gives a good quantity.
    Thank you SWG to give me an opportunity to buy it.

  9. Mc Grath

    I ordered Master kush last season. But too much water killed my Master Kush female plants. Supply the plants just with the accurate quantity of water. Stick your finger under the soil about 3 inches deep and water the plants if there is no moisture on it. This time I have success . Thanx to guide me Sun West Genetics.

  10. Smith

    Very strong dank pungent smell & couch lock high. Those that have strong acceptance to a strong high this is a anytime use and for those that smoke hardly ever make sure you smoke at night-time.

  11. Lavender

    This is a great strain for my family member who has arthritis. It is better to help with inflammation and pain and to come off opiates that were harming her kidneys. I am so thankful for Sun West Genetics giving us a responsible and professional company to deal with. I am going to order some more strains to try.

  12. Peter

    Bought Sun West Master Kush…. arrived in 10 days. Not bad time. Great germination. On our 4th week. Looks strong so far. will report after the flowering stage.

  13. kaeli khaos

    Actually really really good. Very similar to the original strain created by the original breeder. smells amazing. Tastes amazing. And gets you right cooked

  14. Jacob D. Bess

    This Master Kush is my favorite feminized seeds of all. The effects are good when used and have many good effects on our health especially those with ailments.

  15. VernaCooper

    They have a great variety of marijuana seeds here and the Master Kush Feminized was what I liked the most.

  16. Corey Ray

    For me Master Kush is easy to grow. Done some training and she did great. Buds looks phenomenal and the aroma of this strain is heavenly. Great for sleep problems and types of mild body pain. It’s a good Indica! I would recommend growing this strain from Sun West Genetics!

  17. Herman Watkins

    The plants grew great! The buds are dense and covered in trichomes. Super dank kush smell and flavor. I found this strain very euphoric with long lasting effects. It provides a very flavorful experience! Growing weed really is a rewarding hobby! Thank you SWG!

  18. Maurice Olson

    First harvest and so proud of myself! The buds appeared fluffy and airy but it’s actually dense and sticky on the inside. It keeps my mood more stable, keeps my mind busy and helps with my chronic pain. I would definitely recommend this Master Kush strain to anyone wanting to try a Kush variety.

  19. Vernon Carrol

    Good strain for beginners. I’m very happy with the quality of my harvest. The buds look solid green and loaded with trichomes and super fat. Very relaxing strain, with a strong “feel good” effect. I love growing my own weed because I know it’s organic.

  20. Roberto Duncan

    This strain is very resistant when it comes to everything. It responded well to all types of training. It has a diesel earthy smell that’s very strong when curing. I get a full body relaxation and soothing effect while being completely clear headed. I definitely recommend this seed bank and Master Kush if anyone wants to have a great produce.

  21. Kiel Mike

    I love how this master kush fem strain helps me a lot with my body pain and relieve my anxiety every time I consume it. I usually use it before going to bed to make me have a relaxing sleep at night. And this plant is very easy to grow, I also did some training with this and she did great! The smell of this master kush fem strain is really great that I could grow this a lot of time. Everything about this strain makes me want to comeback for more. Also thanks to the smooth transaction with Sunwest Genetics.

  22. Jimmy So

    Two thumbs up for Sunwest Genetics for always giving me top quality seeds of Master Kush Feminized strain. The smell is just undeniably addictive. I am hooked with its citrus scent. Moreover, it flowers after 2 months. You will be surprised at how it makes you feel happy and relaxed everytime you smoke it. you should try this!

  23. Bern1991

    Sunwest Genetics keeps on giving us top quality seeds of various strains with impressive genes. Master Kush Fem is one of them. I was particularly impressed with its massive yield! Now, I can enjoy more of it knowing that I have enough stock to last until the next harvest season!

  24. Donald Sanders

    Nice strain, I’ve brought Master Kush seeds here in Sunwest, I love this strain, super easy to cultivate, all the phenotypes are almost alike, heavy and insane chilly buds, usually prepared for flowering at 60th day, yields are always pretty good, I’m not going to stop buying this incredible strain, This is great for smoking day and night! It gave so much happiness and energy when used it! Thanks a lot!

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