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Best High Yielding Marijuana Seeds

Want to achieve enormous yields? High yielding seeds are available right here at Sunwest Genetics. These cannabis seeds are true to their name but cultivators must also exert the same effort to achieve the promised yield. With the proper care and attention towards these marijuana seeds expect the best yields in your cultivating career. Our high yielding cannabis seeds here at Sunwest Genetics have premium genetics that guarantees to have great yields.

What are High Yielding Marijuana Seeds?

These seeds are your best option if you want to produce a sizable crop of marijuana. To realize their full potential, they might need a bit more effort and care, so keep that in mind. You will be astounded by the enormous yields that you will be able to obtain if you have experience growing marijuana and have the time and dedication to give these seeds every chance to succeed.

What are the advantages of High Yielding cannabis seeds?

There are many advantages of high yielding marijuana seeds and we will list them down for you.

  • You can expect huge yields with this cannabis seed.
  • Even with limited plants, you can harvest more.
  • You can save more resources as you can have more with less budget.
  • It doesn’t sacrifice its taste for the amount of yield it is still very potent.

How much yield are we talking about?

On average cannabis seeds, you receive close to 400 grams for each plant. Now, based on a variety of factors including the strain type, light availability, and more, that number may increase or decrease. Although most high yielding cannabis strains can yield up to 600 grams, they need up to six feet of space to mature. To learn more about the average yield, what to anticipate, and what other users just like you had to say about the growth, it is wise to look at the seed strains that you buy. If you order here at Sunwest Genetics only the best will be offered and given to you.

Whether you’re a commercial grower or hobby grower, high-yielding strains are the bread-and-butter that keep the cannabis connoisseurs happy. The combination of the right nutrients, perfect humidity, and a good amount of light, provides for better yields. However, the genetic potential of each plant contributes to the proportion of the harvest. However, finding the ideal cannabis strain is not an easy task nowadays because there are lots of strains in the market. High yield seeds are the money maker for any cannabis growers, it offers hefty rewards but with a little extra care and attention.

What are the Best High Yielding Marijuana Seeds?

There are currently almost 800 cannabis strains that have been recognized and named by the marijuana community. And this number is increasing every year. Growers are constantly discovering new kinds of strains as they explore cannabis cultivation. Only a few strains produce enough flowers to be considered in the high yield category.

Here is the top 10 list of the best-yielding cannabis strains. You may also check the following attributes or characteristics of each strain.

1. Critical Mass Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Originating from a similar ancestry as Big Bud, Critical Mass is a renowned mass-production plant that gives high yields. It is an Indica dominant hybrid( 80% Indica and 20% Sativa), named after its huge buds that are known to snap their branches in half. A cross between landrace Afghani Indica and Skunk #1 strains. Critical Mass has a high THC level ranging from 19% to 22%, and it is very impressive for a strain with large buds. With a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio, this strain is definitely every marijuana patient’s favorite. 

This strain displays growth characteristics of an Indica. With the height that could reach between 120-150 cm. It is also famous for producing densely-packed buds with extra support to keep the branches from breaking into two. Growers will jump for joy with its short flowering time around 6-8 weeks and harvest by mid-September. Indoor growing will require a controlled environment with the right amount of temperature and humidity. With successful growing conditions, you will expect massive yields of 600 grams per square meter or more. Outdoors, the strain prefers a sunny area for optimum yields of up to 750 grams of sticky buds per plant.

Yield: 600g/m²  indoor , 750g/plant outdoor
Flowering time: 6 – 8 weeks
THC level: 19 -22 %
Strain type: Indica-dominant
Effects:  Relaxed, Focused, creative
Grow difficulty: Easy
Versions: Feminized, Auto, Regular
Climate :  Temperate / Sunny / Mediterranean

2. Power Plant Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Power Plant is one of the strains that gain instant success in the cannabis industry with the breed from South African landraces. It is a Sativa dominant hybrid with a THC level of 20%. One puff will give you bliss and different energy that lasts for hours. 

Power Plant is heavy yielding and easy to grow. Either you cultivate the plant outdoors or indoors, you will get the best highest yielding strains. This strain thrives indoors and outdoors with a height that reaches from 3-5 ft tall which is why it needs enough space for a potential giant. Indoors, ScroG technique is possible and in about 8-10 weeks of flowering, you can expect yields from 500-600 grams per square foot. Outdoor growing, on the other hand, will give you better yields as long as growing conditions are met, up to 600 grams of beautiful buds are ready for harvest by the 2nd week of October.

Yield: 500 -600  g/m² indoor , 600 g/plant Outdoor
Flowering time: 8 – 10 weeks
THC level: 20%
Strain type : Mostly Sativa
Effects:  Uplifting, Euphoric, Creative
Grow difficulty: Easy
Climate:  Temperate / Sunny / Mediterranean

3. Agent Orange Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Agent Orange is a slightly Sativa hybrid that has a balancing effect that is uplifting and motivating. Created by Subcool the weed guru, its genetics originated from a Sativa hybrid Jack the Ripper and Orange Velvet making it a strain with the best high but giving you only positivity and good vibes.

This female strain can grow in an indoor or outdoor environment with a height that reaches up to 56 inches and flowers between 8-9 weeks. Successful indoor growing will give you yields about 16 ounces of usable buds per square meter while outdoors may be ready for harvest around October, providing an enormous yield of up to 19 ounces of fresh buds per plant.

Yield: 16 ounces/m² indoor , 19 ounces/plant outdoor
Flowering time: 8 – 9 weeks
THC level: up to 19%
Strain type: 45% Indica, 55% Sativa
Effects:  Uplifting, Energetic
Grow difficulty: Moderate
Climate:  Temperate / Sunny

4. Northern Lights Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Northern Lights Auto, one of the most known strains is a crossbreed of Thai and Afghani landraces. Users will enjoy a heavy body high paired with a happy feeling and extreme munchies which makes it an ideal evening use.

This hybrid flourishes indoors and outdoors that brings delight even to beginners who want to cultivate it. Indoor growing may require a SOG setup with a maintained temperature at 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The flowering period will take 7-8 weeks only with generous yields of 450-550 grams per plant. This strain enjoys sunny weather but can survive in places with lesser ideal climates because of its strong Indica parents. If all is well and the frosty season is avoided, yields will reach up to 200 grams per plant outdoors.

Yield: 450-550g /m² indoor , 90-200g /plant outdoor
Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
THC level: 18%
Strain type: Mostly Indica
Effects:  Euphoric, Relaxed, Happy, Hungry, Sleepy
Grow Difficulty: Beginner
Climate:  Temperate / Sunny / Mediterranean

5. Juicy Fruit Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Juicy Fruit is Feminized or known as Fruity Juice is a mix between Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa. It is the perfect strain for those who want to maintain their energy in social gatherings but still feeling relaxed. Its THC level is around 16-26%, an ideal seed for cannabis users.

Juicy Fruit thrives indoors and outdoors with no expertise needed since it’s easy to grow. When grown indoors, it can take 8-9 weeks of flowering period and a sea of green environment is recommended, expecting a generous harvest of 18 ounces per square meter. Outdoor cultivation in a warm, sunny, and dry climate will get an average of 21 ounces of fresh buds per plant and harvest between late September – early October.

Yield: 450-550g /m² indoor , 90-200g /plant outdoor
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks indoor, late September – early October outdoor
THC level: 26%
Strain type: 45% Indica / 55% Sativa
Effects:  Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted
Grow Difficulty: Beginner
Climate:  Sunny

6. Big Bud Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Big Bud is the king of heavy yields. If you need the highest yielding strain, you may choose this strain. It is exactly what its name says, because it does have a massive bud that might pop your eyes out as soon as you see it. Most commercial growers choose this strain because of its large size and yield. Plants can grow up to 7 feet tall. Despite the massive flowers, it does have thick stalks that are able to hold the weight. Growers should be cautious and be ready to give support using strings or wires. It is reasonably easy to grow and needs early bending and trimmings which allow more horizontal growth.

Big Bud can grow indoors and outdoors like most strains but keeping an eye on the temperature and humidity for better results. Sea of Green technique is recommended for indoor growing to gain more production of fresh buds which flowers in 7-9 weeks only. If all is well, expect a good harvest of 12 to 20 ounces per square foot. Outdoor growing thrives in warmer climates with harvest around October, growers expect a large yield of 25 ounces per plant. 

Yield: 12-20 ounces/m² indoor , 25 ounces/plant outdoor
Flowering time: 7-9 weeks
THC level: 15-26%
Strain type: Mostly Indica
Effects:  Relaxed , Euphoric, Happy, Sleepy
Grow difficulty: Easy
Climate:  Warm climate

7. Chocolope Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Chocolope is a different type of Sativa dominant seed. It has 90% Sativa and THC level at 19%. Its unique chocolate-flavored weed variety makes it one of the best Sativa marijuana seeds with lineage filled with nearly pure roots that will get you up and running. Chocolope strain is perfect for beginners and professionals giving consumers that euphoric mental twist. Its effects like most of the top Sativa strains are uplifting, energetic and give you that creativeness is no surprise why it’s placed among the best Sativa marijuana seeds up to this year. 

Chocolope is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. The plants grow about 87 inches tall and flower in as little as 9 weeks. With successful growing conditions, indoor harvest can reach up to 600 grams per square meter of beautiful buds while outdoors yield at 900 grams. 

Yield: 600g/m² indoor , 900g/plant outdoor
Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
THC level: 19%
Strain type: Mostly Sativa
Effects:  Euphoric, Focused, Energetic
Grow difficulty: Easy
Climate:  Sunny

8. Sour Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Sour Diesel is a much-loved Sativa strain known by experienced smokers worldwide for its distinct flavor and buzzing high. It is a 60% Sativa dominant strain with about 18% THC content. Being one of the most pungent strains, the effects of this marijuana strain could last for hours giving you a vibrant high usually described as spiritual making you contemplate the greater mysteries of life.  

This strain is well suited for indoor and outdoor environments with roots from the East and West Coast of the US and is one powerhouse of psychoactivity. The best things in life are always a challenge which is why Sour Diesel is rated as a difficult to grow strain. The reason being the difficult one to grow is its top-shelf quality, blistering effects, and cash crop yield. It can reach greatly in height about 71 inches and width with creative lateral branches. Successful indoor cultivation flourishes in 10 weeks with a yield of 500 grams per square meter while outdoors, it will be ready for harvest around October and yields up to 700 grams per usable plant.

Yield: 500g/m² indoor , 700g/plant outdoor
Flowering time: 10-12 weeks
THC level: 24%
Strain type: Mostly Sativa
Effects:  Uplifted, Energetic
Grow difficulty: Difficult
Climate:  Sunny/ Cold/ Mediterreanean Cool

9. Super Silver Haze Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Super Silver Haze, one of the highest yielding strains is known for its stickiness and the high is famous for its strength and clarity making it an ideal strain during the day. It is mostly Sativa with THC levels at 22%. 

This Sativa dominant strain thrives best indoors but outdoor growing can still be an option. The flowering period indoors is between 8-10 weeks with generous yields of 500 grams per square meter and successful outdoor cultivation will have a good harvest of 600 grams per plant.

Yield: 500g/m² indoor , 600g/plant outdoor
Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
THC level: 22%
Strain type: Mostly Sativa
Effects:  Focused, Energetic, Euphoric
Grow difficulty : Medium
Climate:  Sunny / Mediterreanean

10. Neville’s Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Neville’s Haze is a Sativa dominant strain with one of the highest yields among marijuana seeds. The powerful high of this hybrid gives any user a psychedelic and trippy high. It needs the expertise of a grower if you’re planning to choose this seed due to its demanding nature and taller size. When grown indoors, make sure to have enough space as it can grow into a potential giant. Flowering time may take longer about 12-14 weeks but enormous yields at 650 grams per square meter will be yours and outdoors will have a huge harvest of 800 grams per plant with the desired climate.

Yield: 600g/m² indoor , 600+g/plant outdoor
Flowering time: 12-14 weeks
THC level: 19-22%
Strain type: Mostly Sativa
Effects:  Trippy, Uplifted, Psychedelic
Grow difficulty: Medium – Difficult
Climate:  Sunny / Mediterreanean


With the growing number of different strains nowadays, it will be quite a challenge for any grower which seeds are best for growing but the list we have with the best high yielding cannabis seeds will help you decide which strain is suitable for you. Every strain is distinct in character but provides good to massive yields for commercial growers out there. The strains are recommended for both novice and commercial growers as they have an easy to medium level of difficulty in growing.

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