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White Widow Marijuana Seeds is a classic cannabis strain with indica dominant traits. This strain has a pungent smell and taste and can produce good yields up to 900 grams per plant outdoors and up to 800 grams per square meter indoors. You will have buds with 25 percent THC, which are very potent; therefore, moderate use is recommended.

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More About White Widow

The Greatest Classic!

While there are other classic cannabis strains, the White Widow never fails to amaze every smoker. With her intense body high that brings a satisfying full-body relaxation and relief, you won’t regret giving her a chance to amaze you as well.

For flavor, she offers a combination of pungent, sweet, fruity, pine, and spicy notes. You will enjoy the uplifting, energetic, strong, energizing, and soothing sensation that will make you talkative, sociable, happy, and lazy. With 20 to 22% THC, the intense power of White Widow will add more fun to your overall experience.

If you are an indica fan, then you should not hesitate to give her a try. She is quite easy to manage, so she is a good choice for beginners. She takes less time to flower that lasts for up o eight weeks in many cases. Good for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Whatever you choose, she will yield decently.

2 reviews for White Widow Regular

  1. Shanika Y

    Felt better than ever! As an artist, these days I’ve been having a creative slump and just not in the mood to be productive but once I took this, ideas kept flowing it’s actually mind blowing! It gave me an additional energy throughout the day. Growing this wasn’t such a hassle as its very mold resistant and excellent to grow in any type of climate so great for those growers that do not have much time to take care or those newbies. Even great for those with limited spaces. It yields to around 500g/m2 to 600 grams per plant. It has this pungent smell and has this fruity and sweet taste that i love. great for those sweet tooth out there. This is one you should purchase right now.

  2. Joe B.

    A classic plant! from afar she looks like a frosty white strain maybe that is why they named her white widow. she grow into a beautiful medium sized plant that yield plenty crops of solid fat buds. I planted her in my lawn, make sure she can receive enough sunlight and airflow to grow healthy. It has an intense aroma and flavor, fresh flowers with spicy lemon aftertaste. she has a thick sweet smoke that is unwinding,makes me feel better and worry-less. a single joint of this eases pain from migraine helps me to sleep well at night. Indeed, a desirable weed that should not be missed!.

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