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Big Bud Fast Feminized

Big Bud is an indica-dominant cannabis strain known for its high THC content and fast flowering time. This plant is a heavy-yielder, and it can produce up to 700 grams per plant outdoors and up to 600 grams per square meter indoors. You’ll love its large and dense buds with grape, sweet, pepper, spicy and earthy flavors.

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More About Big Bud Fast Version

High Standard But Easy Care Plant

Big Bud Fast Version was the result after crossing the Big Bud strain with a Secret Hybrid. It is an Indica-dominant strain that consists of 15 up to 20% of THC content that makes it become a great psychoactive with such incredible medicinal effects that provide a whole-body relaxation feeling. Big Bud Fast Version has a taste and fragrance like a strong earthy flavor. This plant has a quick flowering period with just 6 to 7 weeks. Aside from having a high standard feature, Big Bud fast Version just required a low-maintenance, and it is ideal for growing even those beginners to plant cannabis.

Like most strains, this plant also flourishes in both indoor and outdoor settings. But usually, it gives its full potential when you grow it in an outdoor setting having a warm, Mediterranean-like climate. Having a lot of sun exposure, it reaches its height up to 5 ft tall. In open areas outdoors, it yields as high as 750 grams of high standard buds each plant.

At the same time, when you grow it in an indoor setting, you just need to maintain its temperature and humidity needs. Using the Sea of Green methods with a combination of hydroponics helps to have more production of buds as well as you encourage its growth up to its full potential. Just make sure that it makes the right airflow in the grow room to prevent any molds. You may also place a high-standard lamp with 600 watts HPS; by doing so, this could give you as high as 600 grams of buds every square meter.


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