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Northern Lights Feminized

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Northern Lights Marijuana Seeds is a classic uplifting and euphoric strain. It is a mostly indica strain with very stable genetics. It can produce up to 600 grams per plant outdoors and up to 500 grams of yield per square meter indoors. This plant flowers fast in just 8 weeks and will produce very potent buds with earthy, spicy, pine, and woodsy flavors.

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More About Northern Lights (fem)

A Dreamy Hybrid Adventure

If you are looking for stability, you can trust Northern Lights feminized seed to provide that for you as she is a crossed line. This means that she has undergone backcrossing to the extent of a pure pedigree. Utilizing the trait of Afghani, Northern Lights was developed to be homogenous and immensely uniform. She prospers excellently in a Sea of Green technology and is considered to be one of the hardest strains that can bloom either in hot or cold climates.

Because of her Afghani ancestry, Northern Lights grow short but chunky, with a fat primary stem. She grows with a shaded green, lustrous look where she ends low and not expands the moment it starts to flower.

Northern Lights is a potent strain that creates a happy, snicker, and dream-state effect. Ideally taken during night-time, she can create a heavy physical impact because of the full-blooded Indica effects.

1 review for Northern Lights Feminized

  1. Gray

    This strain is very satisfying and easy to cultivate. It developed very dense and very resinous buds. Her spicy and sweet scent makes me dribble. This strain could make me calm and could erase the tension that I’m feeling. I inhale this at night because it could also help me with my insomnia. This is perfect-made for me!

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