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Bruce Banner Marijuana Seeds is a strain with indica-dominant features, high THC, and fun fruity aromas. You’ll grow plants with very high THC at 23% with yields up to 500 grams per square meter indoors or 100 grams per plant outdoors. Flowering time is early as 8 to 10 weeks with berry, diesel, sweet, citrus, and flowery scents, and aromas.

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More About Bruce Banner Regular

Hit Like a Punch of Hulk

With just one blast and it follows a lot of sense. That is is why this cannabis strain derived its name after a bright green known superhero exists. Just like the ability of the Hulk that instantly takes from, the Bruce Banner strain can also overtake you because of its few potent results.

It has a THC level for up to 29%, and it hits like a punch just like Hulk. Bruce Banner is from the cross of the two powerful strains named Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. This is a great high standard strain, and it is easy to grow. Bruce Banner grosses its name because of its great yields and high power. It also grows well in both indoor and outdoor setups.

If you plan to cultivate it outdoors, remember that this plant has a great scent, so if you do not want to know everyone what plant you are growing, you need to plan it appropriately. Most growers use the Screen of Green setup to help circulate the right amount of light if growing it indoors. Growing it indoors will start flowering for around 8 up to 9 weeks. With the right condition, you can have a yield of about 400 grams for each square meter.

Bruce Banner strain seeds can grow as tall as 4.5 feet when growing it in an indoor setup. While growing it outdoors, it reaches up to gigantic plants. This hulking plant can reach almost 10 feet in height, and it gives as much as 500 grams of buds per plant. This potent cannabis strain is usually harvested in October.

3 reviews for Bruce Banner Regular

  1. Kyan Cannon

    This is one real kick of a Hulk! Grew seeds outdoors on organic soil and developed to be a sturdy tall plant. I am amazed that it flowers fast and gave me generous yields of bright green dense buds coated with frosted trichomes. Smooth long-lasting smoke gave me a heavy head punch that makes me creatively productive. While a lingering body relaxation eases all my pains and irritability. I don’t mind its diesel scent as it complements well with a sweet and citrusy flavor that stays on the mouth. A kind of powerful strain that you should really try!

  2. Stivers

    one of a kind weed! powerful enough to knock you down..she has a fruity berry taste when inhaled and diesel scent greets my nostrils, I liked that strong aroma!.this plant is a perfect combo of happy relaxing feeling,the high buzz makes me creative and focus,then slowly flows from head going down to my body, taking away negative energy and clear my mind. Lately, i have anxiety that’s why i tried this and happily she made my life easier!.don’t worry she is easy strain to grow, placing her in warm climate outdoor is a good idea and offers good yields of tasty buds coated with huge trichomes..Highly recommended!

  3. Ramiro M.

    It was a short yet dense plant. Once hit, it has a pungent diesel with a hint of berries and flowers, what a perfect taste! I raised it outdoor to have more light exposure and airflow to protect its leaves from moisture. It wasn’t easy to grow but it was perfect, It has a hulk sized yields. totally crazy with its buds as well. It was very euphoric, it uplifts the mood and created a positive emotional state. best to use on a pre-party or group sessions! If you’re planning to have this, start planting it now!

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