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Best Sativa Marijuana Seeds

Cannabis Sativa is the type that presents full pleasure at every corner. These strains are characterized by their cerebral highs, its length in height and structure, long thin fan leaves and flowering time. For people looking for a daytime smoke then sativa seeds are the best as it has a higher THC to CBD ratio that provides you with an uplifting energy rather than stereotypical stoned associated with Indica strains. Whether you need something to start your day or you’re looking for that adventure adrenaline then sativa seeds are for you.

Sativa marijuana seeds have delicious fruity flavors with unique aromas, surprising potency and high yields that makes it ideal for growers. These weed strains are considered bread and butter by many cultivators from seed to harvest as it brings a good reason for them. The medicinal benefits of sativa are wide ranging and have become integral for treatment of different conditions like anxiety, depression and acts as a general stress reliever.

What are the 10 Best Sativa Marijuana Seeds?

The name Sativa which means “cultivated” and cannabis Sativa was the first to be widely consumed by early humans for its hemp fibers. With thousands of sativa seeds available in the market like sativa dominant hybrids and pure landrace varieties, it will be a challenge to decide which one is for you but with proper research of your choice of sativa seeds, you will find a large number of good qualities to make your cultivation experience the best one. There are a lot of sativas out there that are equally impressive. To help you find the right seeds, we have put together a list of 5 best sativa marijuana seeds, let’s take a look:

1. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a much loved sativa strain known by experienced smokers worldwide for its distinct flavor and buzzing high. This strain is well suited for indoor and outdoor environments with roots from the East and West Coast of the US and is one powerhouse of psychoactivity. Sour Diesel can reach greatly in height and width with creative lateral branches.

The best things in life are always a challenge which is why Sour Diesel is rated as a difficult to grow strain. The reason being the difficult one to grow is its top shelf quality, blistering effects and cash crop yield. Being one of the most pungent strains, the effects of this marijuana strain could last for hours giving you a vibrant high usually described as spiritual making you contemplate the greater mysteries of life.

2. Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is without a doubt, one of the most famous strains for 5 straight years known for its sativa-dominant hybrid and famous for its soaring high THC level.  An ultimate mind blower for anyone who smokes this strain.

With its potency, Gorilla Glue is obviously a true beauty with flowers covered in an outrageous amount of frost. The flavor of this cannabis seed is like a dark roasted coffee with a taste of caramel.

Another good thing with Gorilla Glue is that it’s easy to grow and yields buckets of resin buds. The effects of this hybrid is a heavy-handed euphoria and a complete relaxation, leaving someone couch locked.

3. Trainwreck

Trainwreck is a timeless sativa dominant strain, famous for its capability to put you in   motion with extremely high THC levels like your hit by a train. With Trainwreck’s potency, bag appeal, mouth watering flavor and intense effects that truly lasts, this is the buds you’re looking for. The combination of menthol, citrus and sweet floral aromas are incredible for relaxing but be prepared for some out of body moments when smoking Trainwreck.

These sativa dominant seeds are easy to grow and produce ounces of high quality weeds. For a much more yield, make sure to water it regularly and give enough nutrients. When grown outdoors, Trainwreck flowers finish early while indoors it can be ready for harvest 8 weeks after.

The effects of this potent sativa brings euphoria , happiness and an awakening creativity which is said to help with arthritis, pains and migraines. For many medical smokers it is used as a relief for anxiety, even PTSD and ADHD.

4. Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough strain is one of the best sativa strains with its easy to grow seeds and features a wide range of characteristics that every cultivator will fall in love with. It is known for its euphoric effects and a stress reliever brought by its THC levels of 19 to 22%. Strawberry cough is distinct for its sweet like fresh strawberries smell that can make you cough even to the most seasoned smoker.

The effects are mostly cerebral with uplifting energy giving you that different aura leaving a smile on your face. These marijuana seeds can help with stress, anxiety, depression and pains but prepare to get dizzy with dry mouth and a bit of headache after smoking.

5. Chocolope

Chocolope is a different type of sativa dominant seed. Its unique chocolate flavored weed variety makes it one of the best sativa marijuana seeds with lineage filled with nearly pure roots that will get you up and running. Chocolope is easy to grow both indoors with yields of 600 grams and outdoors with yields of 900 grams.

It’s effects like most of the top sativa strains are uplifting, energetic and gives you that creativeness is no surprise why its place among the best sativa marijuana seeds up to this year. Chocolope strain is perfect for beginners and professionals giving consumers that euphoric mental twist.

6. Sour Tangie

With a whopping 80% Sativa, Sour Tangie is also known as Sunva to many. This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain is best for recreational use, perfect if you want to get creative with lots of energy. Sour Tangie is a cross between two classic, popular strains such as  Sour Diesel and Tangie. It brings together Sour Diesels classic aroma and Tangies elevating buzz making it perfect for medical uses too. If you want to get that happy and positive feeling, this is definitely one that’s out of the ordinary. Sour Tangie is one of the easiest strains to grow making it perfect as a starting strain for growers.  Keep in mind that this has a strong smell so you might want to consider growing them indoors.

7. Agent Orange

If you are looking for a strain with the best mix of flavors, go for Agent Orange. Another sativa-dominant strain and a cross between 3 very distinct strains, Agent Orange is something that will make your mouth water with each hit you take! This hybrid is one of the top choices of medical users due to its variety of medical uses such as PTSD, stress, and anorexia to mention a few. It is also important to note that this strain is known for its instant-hitting effects. As something that will get you up and about, we recommend this as more of a daytime choice for smokers.

8. Jack Herer

Not many strains can earn a name that references some of the most iconic figures in the cannabis industry. But with its clear and creative high that takes your feeling of euphoria to the next level, Jack Herer is one of the most well-known strains out there! Bred from crossing the three-way of the potency-focused Shiva Skunk, Original Haze, and Northern Lights #5, Jack Herer leaves a trail of citrus and zest in your mouth along with a strong explosion of skunkiness! Being 90% sativa and 10% indica, this daytime strain is perfect for any mood disorders and mental illnesses that you may be experiencing. It has a THC level of 18%, as well.

9. Kali Mist

As it bears the title of “Queen of Cannabis”, Kali Mist is a lock for being one of the most prominent and distinguished sativa strains out there today. It has a genetic composition of 70% sativa, which is a result of crossing 2 sativa-dominant strains. The energy charges you get from smoking Kali Mist are enough to keep you up for the rest of the day! As it is also reported to enhance your productivity levels and give you a more focused mindset, any task at hand will go by like a breeze! THC for Kali Mist measures around 16% on average.

10. Power Plant

This Power Plant strain, as the name already suggests, comes with a whole lot of power in the buds! Known for having robust supplies of energy for bud production, the main highlight of this strain is the ridiculous amount of yields that you can get during harvests! It is one of the pioneers of high-yielding strains, which makes it a top choice for growers in the market up until today. The effects of Power Plant boost your social skills and will make you want to start a conversation with just about anyone in the room! It is a great choice for party-goers as it induces an energy-filled effect that will keep you on your feet until the break of dawn! Buds of Power Plant carry a THC content of around 20%.

If you are looking for any sativa marijuana seed that produces powerful large plants with choices between autoflowering seeds, feminized and regular seeds for beginners and professionals alike then check SunWest Genetics. They offer a wide range of sativa dominant seeds with the highest germination rate giving you the best quality of cannabis. Check out the online reviews and how their customers were being treated and why they keep coming back for more (aside from the free seeds). Make your purchase at SunWest Genetics now!

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