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For breeders and consumers alike regular marijuana seeds are for you. This seed variety is the most tested of time and is dubbed the old school or the OG cannabis variety. Regular cannabis seeds grow 50/50 of both female and male weed plants. It has pure and unchanged genetics that is the most ideal for breeders. Breeders tend to use this seed variety as they discover and make new marijuana strains. Some cultivators still also use this variety as it is a blast in past back to their glory days. And here at Sunwest Genetics, we have the best unaltered regular marijuana seeds for sale and we can deliver them right to your doorstep with just a click of a button.

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What are Regular Marijuana Seeds?

Regular marijuana seeds are cannabis seeds that are the closest to their roots. It is the purest form of marijuana seeds as there are no genetically modified things that are happening behind it. Most cultivators who use this seed variety are those who have prior experience as this seed variety tends to be more challenging compared to the feminized and autoflowering seed variety. It is also commonly used by breeders as they tend to make a breakthrough and discover new strains that have never been seen before.

What are the advantages of Regular Cannabis Seeds?

There are many advantages of regular marijuana seeds and we will list them down for you.

  • They have pure and unaltered genetics.
  • They are the best for breeding new cannabis strains.
  • They can come with autoflowering variety which makes it easier.
  • Using them is also preserving the diverse gene pool of cannabis.

Are Regular Cannabis seeds beginner friendly?

Among most varieties, regular marijuana seeds are the ones that need prior expertise and knowledge towards growing them. As this seed variety requires careful growing as they are not like feminized weed seeds you don’t have to worry about male plants and autoflowering weed seeds where you can automatically grow flowers without cycling light. Beginner growers can still get this seed variety but just remember that it will be a challenge. But, this seed variety also comes with an autoflowering variant which makes it easier to grow.

Should I grow regular cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors?

When growing inside, growers have far more control over the environment. You can change the lighting schedules and monitor watering to the last drop. You can also alter the temperature and humidity of a space where weed seeds are present, fans, heaters, and humidifiers can all be employed. However, space is the biggest obstacle to indoor gardening. This obstacle can be overcome by moving outdoors, but moving outdoors exposes your plants to the weather. Although you have no control over heat waves, hurricanes, floods, or droughts, the sun will still be there for the plant to enjoy. Outdoor plants are also more vulnerable to pests and fungi.

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