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Two cannabis in one seed? Well, that is entirely possible with the hybrid marijuana seeds you can have both the calming effects of Indica and the energizing power of Sativa. Our hybrid cannabis seeds are hard to surpass because they offer the complete package for recreational users. We only provide hybrid cannabis seeds that are of the highest quality and have a germination guarantee. Pick from our selection of conventional hybrid, feminized, and autoflowering hybrid seeds. And only here, at Sunwest Genetics, can you buy premium quality hybrid cannabis seeds in the USA!

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What are Hybrid Marijuana Seeds?

Hybrid marijuana seeds are the cross between two cannabis seed varieties namely the Indica and Sativa. With hybrid cannabis, you can experience the best of both worlds as both the effect of Indica and Sativa will be combined to create a new strain with the best traits of its parents. The effect of hybrid marijuana is a combination of the relaxing impact of Indica and the energizing vibe of Sativa. But, there is also a hybrid which is either Sativa-dominant, Indica-dominant, or the balance of the two which is a 50/50 hybrid. Just pick and choose which seeds you are willing to try and experience the adventure of cultivation.

What are the advantages of hybrid cannabis seeds?

There are many advantages of hybrid marijuana seeds and we will list them down for you.

  • You can get two top traits of two different marijuana in one.
  • It is a good medical marijuana as it is potent with both the top traits of its parents.
  • You can experience a high THC without sacrificing the relaxing effects of CBD.
  • Hybrids are easy to grow as they are engineered to be more resilient.

Are hybrid cannabis seeds beginner friendly?

There are numerous combinations of hybrid cannabis seeds thus, making it a very large category that includes autoflowering and feminized strains which are easy to grow. Growing these seeds is just like growing autoflowering or feminized seed strains meaning it depends on what strain you pick. But, overall it is somewhat beginner friendly if you choose the right seed to start from.

How long will it take to grow Hybrid Cannabis Seeds?

Marijuana plants grown from regular seeds frequently bloom for six to ten weeks. Sativa cannabis plants have a short vegetative stage but a 10 to 12-week flowering stage. Plants grown just for Sativa can blossom for up as 16 weeks. Indica cannabis plants flower more quickly than Sativas, typically taking 8 to 12 weeks. Hybrid pot plants frequently grow swiftly during the vegetative phase and have shorter flowering durations. The majority of marijuana hybrid strains flower for 6 to 10 weeks faster than both parent strains.

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