White Russian Fast Feminized

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White Russian is an indica-dominant cannabis strain known for its high THC and productive yields. It is an average-sized plant that flowers fast in just 8 to 10 weeks. It will produce potent buds with up to 22% THC levels. You’ll get up to 800 grams per plant outdoors and up to 450 grams per square meter indoors.

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More About White Russian Fast Version

Famous Cannabis Genotype

White Russian Fast Version is a result of the blending of two great strains, which is the White Russian and a Secret Hybrid. It is an Indica-dominant strain that has 18 % of THC content that has the ability to create a cerebral effect that improves someone’s focus as well as its creativity. Having a flavor like combining citrus, skunk, and a taste of sweet and pungent, it actually soothes the muscles and gives a calming effect into the senses and nerves of those who use it.

Growing the White Russian Fast Version is very suitable for doing indoor. It grows up to medium-sized plants with many lateral branches. It is also essential to use organic soil to allow your plant to get a degree of tolerance regarding the PH level that it may give. Also, the hydroponics is a great choice in order to grow an explosive rate with direct feeding of the White Russians’ roots. White Russian is not a challenging strain to grow, and it is very suitable for those beginners in growing cannabis. Its features do not require much from the usual photoperiod varieties. By pairing with a 600 watts HPS, it could produce around 450 grams of buds each square meter.

On the other hand, growing outdoors usually harvest during the early weeks of the month of October. Every White Russian Fast Version plant could produce as high as 800 grams of buds under a temperate climate such as Mediterranean-like temperature.

2 reviews for White Russian Fast Feminized

  1. Charron

    Easy to grow with extremely rewarding nugs! At first, its sweet, fruity aroma may not seem ominous, but lurking beneath the surface is a monster capable of delivering a devastating body stone. It’s an energizing, highly euphoric buzz. The dense foliage requires pruning and trimming to encourage airflow and avoid moisture-related problems. I love this plant! 5 stars!

  2. Fox

    This notorious strain is renowned for inducing deep body relaxation while keeping the mind clear and free from the lethargy associated with many varieties of its kind! It has highly resinous buds, it emits a strong odor. Installing an odor-control filter is necessary to avoid stinking out the house or neighborhood. I like the exotic aroma that blends an earthy odor with sweet, spicy, skunky, and citrus notes. It brushes away cobwebs and worries, ushering in happiness and tranquility. Smoke the best!

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