Germinating Marijuana Seeds

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SunWest Genetics Germination

We can guarantee at least 80% success rate of seeds germination if you use the “Cup of Water and Paper Towel Germination Method”. Make sure to follow our germination instructions below. If in any chance, you get under 80% success rate then we will replace your seeds.

While most of our customers get 100% success rate but we can only guarantee at least 80% as results will differ depending on a lot of factors including your experience and the conditions where you will be germinating the seeds.

Note: Our seeds are sold as novelty for the preservation of the cannabis genetics. We are not allowed to give growing advices thus our guarantee only covers germination. We are always willing to answer any germination questions and concerns.

What you Need to Prepare?

– Absorbent Kitchen Paper towels (Do not use Kleenex)
– Bottled spring water. Bottled water with additives or gas is harmful to seeds so avoid them. Make sure the bottled water is labelled with “bottled spring water”. (Reminder: Boiling water will only kill germs and not remove impurities so it’s not allowed as well)
– A clean glass
– Tweezers
– Plate

Detailed Step-by-Step Cannabis Seed Germination Instructions

Step 1 – Prepare your Workplace

It is very important that you ensure that everything is cleaned in your workspace to avoid from cross contamination and make sure you have all the necessary materials that you need.

(Optional Step) Light scuff the seeds using fine sand paper or an emery board or shake them inside a pill bottle. This allows the outer shell to loosen. With this, the water will penetrate the seeds easily and will start the germination process. Do not over shake or over scuff as this can harm the seeds.

Step 2 – Germinate the Seeds
Do the following steps to start the germination with the Cup of Water plus Paper Towel Method:

1. Fill the glass with bottled spring water. Leave to stagnate in a room temperature (between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.
2. Drop the seeds into the glass filled with bottled spring water. Some will float and others will sink. Leave them to soak for 12 to 18 hours. This is the most important step as you need the water to penetrate the seeds enable for them to start germinating.
3. Check the seeds after a few hours of soaking. Use your finger tips to tap the floating seeds. You may see them sink to the bottom.
4. When you see the seeds crack and a small white root appears, then this is the sign that the seeds are starting to germinate. It is okay if you don’t see them crack after 14 – 18 hours.

WARNING: Do not over soak as it can rot the seeds. Do not allow the seeds to sit more than 18 hours.

Wait until you see the roots to grow to a length of 3 cm or 1 inch long before you transfer them.

Step 3 – Paper Towel Method

Once the roots are 1-inch-long, then it’s time for you to transfer them to the paper towel set up.

How to prepare the paper towel for germination set up

Take 2 or more paper towels. Create a thick folded layer on the plate. Moistened it with bottled spring water. Do not over saturate the paper towel. Wet them just enough to be damp. Excess water should be drained from the set up.

1. After 14 to 18 hours of soaking, add the marijuana seeds in between the folded wet paper towels. Make sure to allow enough spacing between the seeds to prevent the new taproots from tangling.
2. Put the germination plate in a closed dark space. Do not allow light especially direct sunlight in your germination set up. Put them away from warm appliance and any heat source so that the seeds can absorb the water perfectly. Do not forget to keep the paper towel moistened by dripping some water every few hours. Remember not to over saturate the paper towel with water.

WARNING: Do not let the paper towels to dry out or the seeds won’t germinate. It is very important to check the germination set up regularly for dampness.

If you must handle the seeds, do not use your hands as they are very fragile and sensitive during this stage. Use tweezers in handling them instead. Avoid from transferring or transporting the germination set up as it can harm the seeds.

3. When the new taproot is about ¼ to ½ inch long, then the germination process is complete and you must transfer them into your grow medium. Transfer them into the dirt or whatever grow medium you will use with the taproots facing down.


Most seeds take 24 to 48 hours for them to germinate while others may take up to 7 days. This depends on the strain and your germination condition. For as long as you follow the germination method we have outlined in this guide, then you are assured of at least 80% germination success rate (or 8 out of 10).

The paper towel has been designed to closely replicate the natural germination process of nature. While there are a lot of germination methods that you can use, this method is by far the best which we have used in years of growing and breeding.


All our seeds are handpicked by our experts to make sure of their freshness and viability. We can assure of high germination success rate with our seeds. Here are the possible reasons why your seeds fail to germinate:

1. You have not given the seeds enough time to sit in the cup of water and absorb enough water.
2. The paper towels are too wet or dry.
3. You are germinating in extreme temperatures (too heat, or too hot).
4. You used heat mats or plastic. Seeds need to breathe.
5. You use tap water. They have many impurities.
6. You did not follow our germination method to the T.

If you do not follow our guide then Sun West Genetics do not guarantee germination.


If your seeds fail to germinate, it is most likely that they didn’t get enough water. As last resort, drop them again in the cup of bottled spring water and let them sit until you see tap roots appearing. When you notice the tap roots appearing, then transfer them to the paper towel set up.

Talk to us if you are having some problems germinating the seeds even after following the steps outlined in this guide. Your success and satisfaction is of high importance to us.

Guarantee will be forfeited if you do the following:

1. You did not follow our guide outlined above.
2. You planted the seeds direct to your grow medium (eg. Soil).
3. You used a seed starter kit or anything used for vegetables.
4. You have used a plastic bag or anything that produces heat.

If you have had trouble germinating your cannabis seeds and need help, call us at  +1 800-805-7835

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