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AK-47 Feminized

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AK-47 Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain known for its extra-ordinary heavy yields. It is a stretcher and can grow up to 200% times its size. This strain can give you great yields indoors or outdoors and will flower early in just 8 to 10 weeks. Get ready for very strong flavors like a skunk, pungent, earthy, and woodsy aromas.

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More About AK-47 (fem)

The Ultimate Healing Machine

Named after a famous killing machine, AK-47 is a great Sativa dominant strain that is the total opposite of its namesake. This strain comes from a mix of three potent cannabis in South American, Mexican, and Afghani strains. With THC levels reaching as high as 18%, there is no wonder why this weed was awarded the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1999. Ever since it was introduced in 1992, this powerful Sativa has made rounds in the medical field, especially in cancer treatment, to keep the vitality of the patients going.

Known as potent medical marijuana through and through, this highly-satisfying and uplifting strain soothes the tired muscles and prevents nausea from creeping up. This is one of the many reasons why patients with ongoing cancer treatments are recommended to smoke this weed before or after their session. The deep relaxation and pain-free experience make their treatment much bearable.

This is also the reason why breeders of this weed continue to cultivate this strain. Now that it is available as feminized seeds, it is a lot more convenient to grow this weed under the bright sunshine.

1 review for AK-47 Feminized

  1. Keegan Berg

    This is my first time to buy in Sunwest Genetics, but you guys never failed me!Fast arrival,then I had a very good growth rate with this seed.I really had an abundant harvest.what an outstanding yield! I admire its juicy buds and my plant’s height is average and it is suitable for many types of growth.Looking forward for new seeds like this!

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