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Dolato Feminized

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Dolato Marijuana Seeds is a strain with a delectable fruity and earthy aromas and flavors. This strain has 20% THC with yields up to 700 grams per plant outdoors and 500 grams per square meter. These plants will flower in just 8 to 10 weeks with earthy flavored dense buds.

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More About Dolato Feminized

The Ideal Companion For Relaxation

One of the most beautiful purple colored strains in the market is the Dolato. To match its stunning colors, it also comes with an amazing earthy and fruity aroma. Brought into the world as the result of crossing Gelato # 41 with the Do-Si-Dos, this Indica-dominant strain is famous for giving extreme relaxation, leading to a possible couch lock.

The Dolato produces 20 percent THC levels, which does not sedate right away and builds up after numerous hits. The relaxation helps in dealing with stress and anxiety, as well as sleeping concerns like insomnia.

After planting the feminized seeds, it will take about 8 to 10 weeks for the Dolato to mature into a 150 cm plant. It has a stable yet sweet scent at first, but grinding the buds will bring up the fruity and earthy aromas. With good growing practices, the yield of this plant can result in up to 500 grams per plant.

2 reviews for Dolato Feminized

  1. Christine K

    One of the prettiest plants I have ever seen! It’s very prone to molds so frequent trims are needed. Also, it requires a hefty amount of calcium and magnesium. All the hard work was worth it as it produced around 650g/plant. I grew this outdoors because I did not have much space inside. I recommend that you grow this during the summer time wherein it’s warm. Aside from the heavy yields, I especially like how smooth and light it tastes. The effects were great as well and it has helped with my creative blocks. I have also noticed that I have been sleeping very well these days. I have no regrets buying this at all!

  2. J. Reeves

    Honestly, I couldn’t believe I was able to grow it indoor. It was beautiful to look at, Christmas tree-like from afar, It was a medium height and very sturdy plant. I enjoyed like a joint, Dolato produces a euphoric high on par with the best Indica strains, perfect for a brisk autumn walk or relaxing nightcap, helps me with anxiety, with a pronounced, smooth and velvety lemon flavor, It remains one of the better tasting strains I have had the pleasure to smoke!

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