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One of the heavy yielders, 24K Gold Marijuana Seeds, is going to be your next favorite strain. It’s a balanced hybrid with a fantastic high. It’s a versatile plant that can grow indoors or outdoors with yields as much as 450 grams per plant. It flowers early, giving you buds with orange, peppery, and citrusy flavors.

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More About 24K Gold

A Priceless Smoke

A potent indica smoke that has been oozing with fantastic goodness. With 18-24%, you won’t regret it if you try her today. If you do, she will welcome you with the invigorating scents and flavors – a blend of fresh and citrus notes.

With a strong and pungent high, you will feel stronger, euphoric, uplifted, and relaxed. You will enjoy this combination of sensations for several minutes to an hour or so. 24K Gold is a yummy hybrid that is best to enjoy late in the afternoon or early in the evening. You won’t regret the experience as she takes you into two different worlds at the same time.

Cultivating her will be a great experience if you have good gardening skills. If you are a novice, you better add her to your garden someday. With a flowering time that takes 9-10 weeks, you will enjoy high yields.

4 reviews for 24K Gold Regular

  1. Felix Test

    this is a review

  2. Cherry Summer

    A very frosty, wonderful scent of orange blossoms! It is very fun to smoke and very fruity. The high is heavy and can be used only in the evening or for a whole day when I don’t do something. In fact, it was very simple to grow if I had given it the right fertilizer. Grow it with big buds and sugarcoated hairs are sticky. The buds were smell less, but filled with trichomes.

  3. Ryan Watson

    A very precious strain with a balanced satisfaction. Cultivated seed outdoors and exposed them to a lot of sunshine. They grew tall, sturdy, and resilient. All the extra effort and care are all worth it as it gives me bountiful yield in just a short time of 9 weeks. Flowers are dense with orange hairs covered in frost. Smoke was pleasing with citrusy orange flavors with hints of peppery tang. Gave me an even head and body high that showered me with an uplifting euphoria leading to an optimistic mindset. A calming sensation alleviates my pains and irritation then gave me rest from a tough day. This day-ender strain is worth a try!

  4. P. Kerr

    Wow! this is an amazing strain with fresh citrus flavor..placing her outdoor under sunshine,after 9 weeks she satisfies me with her yield about 430g per plant and grow up to 100cm tall, so glad I listened to my friend and tried this one,no regrets at all!.the orange citrus taste smoke uplifts my mood to positive vibes,smiling and focus at the same time feel that soothing sensation. I can happily say go away depression and troubles. I always need her everytime i feel down and broken..The best! i liked this!..

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