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Sweet Tooth Regular

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Sweet Tooth Marijuana Seeds is a recreational and medicinal strain. It has an energetic, relaxed, focused, and uplifted high, which may be used as a medical strain. When properly used, you can consume this strain for all kinds of pain, including arthritis, insomnia, migraines, stress, anxiety, and depression, to name a few.

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More About Sweet Tooth

The Best for Sugar Fans!

If you have a sweet tooth, then the best cannabis smoke for you would be Sweet Tooth! She has many good things to guarantee. Aside from a cerebral euphoria, she induces floral, berry, and oakwood scents that you will enjoy wherever you go.

As a pungent indica smoke, induces a pleasurable and tempting candy-like sapidity that will tickle your taste buds. She even becomes much more interesting with her distinct taste profile. You will enjoy the combination of subtle berry and pine taste.

When it comes to yield, Sweet Tooth guarantees the best in terms of yield and production. She may take time to flower, which is okay because she can yield decently. You will enjoy medium to high yields, depending on your effort.

Adding her to your garden would be a nice idea. Rest assured, she will give the best value for your money.

4 reviews for Sweet Tooth Regular

  1. Leah K

    Perfect for people who love sweets. Its berry mixed with floral notes is definitely one of my fave combination of flavors! And its effects were very relaxing which helped me a lot with stress from work and my insomnia. It helped me sleep better! I am still quite inexperienced with growing this and I’m quite impressed at how it was very eaasy to grow. Apart from the plant being very pretty, i had a great amount of yield that reach up to 500g/plant. With the taste and the efefct that this strain has, I will purchase this again without a doubt!

  2. Keisha

    this plant delights me with sweetness..oh noh guys! I want you to taste her sweet berry flavor with herbal scent, for sure you’ll forget your name lol she has a pleasurable smoke that relaxes both my mind and body. after work i’m not worried with stress, this weed can wiped it out!.sometimes I take this to ease muscle pain. You know my friends really loved this and wanted to grow their own. this is low maintenance herb that best for new growers,resilient to pests and diseases,also survives both in warm and cold climate..having yields around 560g/plant of sweet buds. here, they offer high-quality strains!

  3. Cappon

    Calming, uplifting, and toothsome! Best words to describe this strain. I’ve grown them indoors and after a few weeks I was able to have a great yield. It has a nice smell and it looks great too. it has a vivid orange pistil and a thick layer of sparkling trichomes that stand out against the dark-colored nugs. It was indeed amazing to grow! It helps me manage the symptoms of stress. very good and well-satisfied!

  4. Emily

    A great strain to grow, easy and enjoyable! It offers heavy yields while also being a low-maintenance plant. what I love was the sweet and fruity flavor, and its effects were deeply relaxing and euphoric. It was an effective analgesic for my chronic back pain. But note though, in high doses, it can trigger dry eyes and mouth, so would suggest if you’re a newbie with low tolerance just make sure to take a toke a little until your body gets used to it just like what I did! 100% recommended.

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