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Amnesia Lemon Marijuana Seeds is a strain with a delectable earthy – citrus aroma that will instantly fill your growing room. Get ready for a euphoric high with a strain with heavy yields of up to 500 grams per plant outdoors and 550 grams per square meter indoors. It has 21% THC, flowering early at 8 to 10 weeks.

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More About Amnesia Lemon (Regular)

Bears an Indelible Punch of Skunk and Lemon

Generally, this strain stands to deliver a unique high-octane with a vital creative high. Amnesia Lemon has a fruity smell with a remarkable delightful earthy citrus fragrance. The effects that it gives are just equivalent to some famous strains. With a euphoric blast, this cannabis strain is surging into the head of the one who uses it. Also, it can melt away the degree of stress that’s causing headaches, and it boosts the spirit.

Consuming it in moderation, it can enhance your productivity skill by not only making mental clarity but also elevating the power to focus. As the changes to physical high begin, the easing outcome of this strain becomes detectable. It starts with a lenient, soothing effect that goes into the body. Regarding its growth pattern, the most outstanding difference from Haze is its Indica form.

Amnesia Lemon can grow for up to medium size, which makes it essential to plant indoors. To show its best potential, it is advisable to use organic soil to plant it. Under the Screen of Green method with 600 watts of HPS lamp, this can produce up to 550 grams of buds every square meter after the flowering state of 8 to 9 weeks. On the other hand, raising it outdoors with adequate sun exposure, it can possibly yield up to 500 grams from each plant. Typically, in the Northern Hemisphere, the harvest period falls during the second week of the month of September.

4 reviews for Amnesia Lemon Regular

  1. Noah Baker

    Overwhelming flavors with skunky goodness high. I am in awe of strains with citrusy flavors and this one showers me well with complimentary earthy tones. A soothing smoke gave me a cerebral high that focused me to get things done slowly but surely. It also defeated my Bipolar disorder. Minor pains and irritations went away in a snap. Cultivated seeds indoors on organic soil with no hard time. Easy to handle and very resilient, lanky medium-sized plant. Gave me bountiful yields of resinous buds with light green and yellow pistils covered in frost. A mouthwatering strain that you must really try!

  2. Kimbrell

    this is a strong fast growing weed! can grow well both indoor and outdoor setting. Sooo glad! after 8 weeks of effort and care, this baby satisfies me with abundant yields of good smelling buds crop nearly 480g/plant and has long thick colas..Lemon lime taste and earthy aroma are present when taking a puff, so refreshing! i super loved this weed. that smooth smoke simply made my day productive and less worries in mind. when the high hit the mind seems i can travel to Europe without a plane ticket lol deep relaxation hit me hard..really easy to grow and less complicated one. Indeed, a great seed!.

  3. David

    After taking a toke of this strain, I felt an energetic and uplifting high that was creative and on the verge of spiritual. Best for stress and fatigue! it also has a hint of lemon and lime flavor. Growing this strain indoor was easy and manageable. It produces yields of around 400 grams per sqm. It was a stealthy medium-height plant. The weed was strong and long-lasting. It was perfect!

  4. Moran, S.

    It was perfect for my insomnia. The cerebral and head high was quite narcotic and produces calming, sleepy, and couch-lock effects. Grown this indoor. Although a relatively short plant, this strain has a flowering period of around 9 weeks. The multiple colas were long and robust and tightly wound, delivering good yields. The flavor was a fresh, lemony medley that makes smoking a pleasant pastime!

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