Do-si-Dos Feminized

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Do-si-Dos Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with very high THC and very sticky buds. It is capable of growing good yields of 500 grams per plant outdoors and 400 to 500 grams per square meter. THC is at 27%, while flowering is early at 8 weeks. You’ll get buds with a flowery, skunk, earthy and sweet flavors.

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More About Do-si-Dos (fem)

An Underrated Gem

With hundreds of thousands of hybrid marijuana strains all over the world, you can have a lot of different hybrids to choose from that will deliver all the necessary effects that you need. One of which is Do-si-Dos. This Indica dominant hybrid comes from crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Face-Off OG, thus resulting in a mind and body numbing buzz that sends the user straight into submission. Users will find themselves paralyzed and immobilized for hours after toking this weed.

This powerful strain has been one of the most underrated yet highly valued Indica hybrids in the market. With over 22% THC content, this weed’s medical potential is also unrivaled. The powerful strength that it brings to the table can knock out even the toughest insomniacs and the most aggressive type of pain.

If you are living in a warm sunny climate, this should be your opportunity to cultivate this weed in its feminized form.

3 reviews for Do-si-Dos Feminized

  1. William H

    I have been feeling quite stressed the past couple of weeks due to a lot of work and it has been affecting my moods lately. Taking this helped me relax and not think of the problems I was having at work. Although I’m not such a fan of its earthy taste, the effects were truly great which made up for the taste. Growing this was fairly easy all you need are the basics and this plant is able to bloom successfully. Make sure that it is located in a warm setting. Mine reached a height of around 5 ft! Good thing it perfectly fit my place. The best thing about it is that it has a high yield. I harvested around 450g/m2. I would definitely purchase this again!

  2. Anna

    Oh, my sweet Dosi! If I could keep one strain in my medicine cabinet, this would be it. Regardless of where my tolerance is, I find fantastic relief from pain (migraines, spine/disc, & nerve pain), nausea, and a variety of other chronic symptoms due to dysautonomia. It’s high hits me very fast and hard. It gives a cerebral rush of euphoric energy that lasts for a few moments before falling into a peaceful, Stoney, relaxative state. I’ve grown it in my backyard as it was easy to do it. It was about 3 meters tall, it offers good yield as well. I super love it, as a medical user, I highly recommend giving this versatile, indica-dominant strain a try.

  3. Fersuche

    Whether you’re looking to chill out or get bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, this hybrid is sure to satisfy you. Growing this indoor was quite difficult since I have less experience in growing but turned out perfect. its purple buds beneath the peanut butter-colored fuzz that covers the nug were beautiful. From fragrance to flavor, it’s a tasty experience all around. The high was sneaky… I thought I needed to smoke more but before knowing it, it seems that the chores are done and I was like having the best pillow fight EVER with the kids. The munchies are sure to hit hard, so I kept a snack pack! If you have to choose one strain for day or night, this is the one.

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