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Alien OG Marijuana Seeds will grow plants with very high THC. This is a very easy strain to grow as it’s resistant to common cannabis plant diseases. You’ll get a heavy-yielding plant up to 450 grams of yield per plant with soaring THC at 25%. We recommend moderate use, as this can lead to a couchlock effect.

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More About Alien OG (fem)

Strap In For A Wild Ride

Alien OG might have a weird name knowing that it was fully developed and cultivated here on Earth. However, the name still has meaning to its overall characteristics as it is known to have a reality-bending high that will snatch you from this planet. With almost 20% THC level, this weed’s psychedelic experience will turn out to be a raving good time. It will let the Sativa effects dominate the mind with a flurry of a euphoric rush, then the signature Indica body buzz will take over the dominate the second half of the toke. The physical effect of this strain will tranquilize both the mind and body as if you are strapped into a spaceship ready for launch.

As with any strain that has high THC content, this weed’s medical prowess is evident through its massive analgesic properties. There is also a stark improvement in one’s sleeping habits now that this weed is in the mix. When planning to grow this weed out in the open, it is best to place it in direct sunlight and well ventilated to produce a good amount of yield.

2 reviews for Alien OG Feminized

  1. Kristy M

    An out of this world experience! the Alien OG is one you should purchase right now. Not a fan of its earthy aroma and taste. also the smoke lingers for a long time but the intense high made me want more. I felt more energized than ever. Been stressing balancing 2 works at once thus i just needed a little push to be able to function and give my 100% to work. I grew one of these and I can attest that this is not that great for newbie growers as it needs extra care. Monitoring should be of top priority. but once you do what needs to be done, then it will yield to about 13oz/plant.

  2. Wade B.

    I successfully grown lovely plants out of this strain. I find it easy to grow and grower-friendly plant. i have her in my backyard,after few weeks able to harvest good yields nearly 560g/plant and offers a citrus-smelling buds. this baby has a lemon pine flavor and smell, and smoke gives an extreme high both to my mind and body. new users must be careful in taking this,it’s a heavy-hitter..But after an hour or two slowly she relaxes my muscles, good strain for chillout..Only recommended for those who are ready to travel to outerspace lol. Have fun!

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