Alien Gorilla Glue Fem min

Alien Gorilla Glue Feminized

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A strain with soaring THC and very sticky buds are Alien Gorilla Glue Marijuana Seeds. This strain is very easy to grow as it can be cultivated almost anywhere. Yields can be as high as 500 grams per plant outdoors. Enjoy buds with high 24% THC, while flavors are sweet, pine, woodsy, and earthy.

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More About Alien Gorilla Glue (fem)

Get Ready To Be Knocked Out

Alien Gorilla Glue takes its form from Gorilla Glue, Zkittlez, and Alien Technology. All three are powerful strains in their own right, but the combination of all three enabled a resurgence of THC in the system that renders its users immovable as if they were being slammed by an alien with the strength of a gorilla. This highly potent weed is such as strong strain that its THC volume is known to reach as high as 25%.

What’s even better is its sweet earthy flavor that fools everyone into thinking that this is a mellow treat. By the time users realize they have been made, this mind-bending strain has already taken hold of their body and mind. The head to toe numbness is very prominent and is a great painkiller for those who have been suffering from chronic pain. The satisfying final blow to the brain and body also makes for a great toke in the evening for a good night’s rest.

Seasoned growers know that this weed naturally likes the outdoor environment and should deliver the promise of great quality buds by harvest time.

3 reviews for Alien Gorilla Glue Feminized

  1. Dorthy H

    One of the best purchases! I had a blast growing this as it did not need much attention. I only had to trim it from time to time. It’s fairly a short plant so I was very pleased that it did not fill up my space. By it’s 8th week, I was able to harvest around 500gr/m2. I wasn’t a fan of its damp taste with a hint of sweetness and pine however, it’s effects were the total opposite. It is a very potent strain that made my mind blown but through the end it gave this very relaxing feel which i needed. These days juggling a lot of tasks is very stressful. When I took the Alien Gorilla, it cleared my mind from worries. This is why if you don’t want to waste money and purchase something you won’t regret then, this strain is for you!

  2. Stacie

    Happy relaxing weed! my friend also grow this strain so I tried. When i received my order,the next day I planted her. After 9 weeks of patiently waiting, she produce 450g/plant of spade shaped buds covered in trichomes. she has heavy colas and broad leaves. This baby grows well either indoor or outdoor and her strong branches and stem can support the flowers. this flavorful plant has taste of a sweet pine and earthy scent. while feeling that happy buzz, the relaxing touch soothes anxiety makes me feel sleepy and embrace the bed. Newbies should give this a shot!

  3. Rosetta

    A unique plant turning out bright green flowers that were glistening with resinous trichomes. I raised it indoor and monitored its humidity and temperature to have an excellent stout and bushy plant. this strain has a strong odor of hash when lighting up and follows through with the pine-ish earthy flavor. I really like it because its euphoric effect hits quickly, it was like everything seems glowing that could couch-lock as well. Must try it!

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