Haze Autoflower

Haze Autoflower

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Haze Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant, easy to grow cannabis strain. This is a classic strain with stable genetics, which can produce up to 19% THC and average yields. It takes a while for Haze plants to bloom at 12 to 14 weeks, but you’ll get perfect buds with honey, orange, citrus, woodsy and sweet flavors.

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More About Haze Autoflower

Haze Just Got Even Better!

As great as the original haze, she is the fast-flowering version that is so worth considering. She’s a premium marijuana hybrid that shows the distinctive qualities of the authentic haze. She’s giving you a great chance to enjoy great genetics. She even guarantees good yields, fantastic aroma/ flavor profile, and resinous buds.

She is way better than other auto strains when it comes to medical use. With 6-12% THC, she is less likely to get you incredibly high. The rich and thick smoke say a lot about her taste and aroma.

In every toke, you will smell and taste the invigorating notes of haze, citrus, incense, cedar, and spices. She’s a sativa smoke that induces a stimulating high that refreshes your mind. You won’t hesitate to share her with your buddies!

She’s strong to resist pests and mold. She grows well indoors and even outdoors. Decent yields will come on your way!

1 review for Haze Autoflower

  1. Carson Sanders

    I always love me some Haze. Super fast grower and got some nice yields. Decent sized buds too, which was more than what I was expecting from an autoflower strain. It responded very well to my friend’s hydro setup, so you guys should give that a try. Also got some very hashy and earthy flavors, tasted a little berry in there too. The high was mild, quick little boost for my days. I bet this would go great with new smokers, nothing too overwhelming but was very chill and relax. I got a fairly deep head high at the start but was also very dreamy and smooth. Great strain indeed! Works perfectly for my ADHD.

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