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Haze Xtreme Regular

The Haze family of marijuana is definitely one of the most famous types of weed for a long period of time now. As part of royalty in the cannabis scene, only good things can be said about its genetics. So if you are a fan of Haze, then you are surely going to fall in love with this one! The Haze Xtreme Regular marijuana seeds are an amplified and crazier version of the classic Haze, which gives it the potential to be one of the best hybrids out there. It is a sativa-dominant strain which takes all the best qualities of its Haze parent and makes them even better!

The strain originated in Canada, where seed breeders took some original Haze and mixed in a good splash of Cheese into the whole pool. This gave rise to Haze Xtreme. They do come as the “regular” type of cannabis, which means that you have a 50/50 chance of ending up with either male or female plants with each seed. With the mental alertness from this wake n’ bake strain, every smoker will be left in awe of this amazing Haze Xtreme! 


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Haze Xtreme Regular Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant (30% Indica, 70% Sativa), Regular
Genetics Parents: Haze x Cheese
Flowering Period: 8 to 10 Weeks
Climate: Warm, Tropical, Sunny
Yields: 550g indoors and 350g outdoors
Flavors: Haze, Pungent, Woody, Spicy
THC Level: 22.12%
CBD Level: 0.20%
Height: Medium to Tall
Harvest Period: Mid to Late October
Growing Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of Haze Xtreme Regular?

With this Haze Xtreme, users are bound to get sucked into smoking it due to how inviting its smells and tastes are. You will primarily notice a very pungent and rich smell that helps you smoke more without worrying about any harshness on the throat. It has a very subtle spicy and earthy tone that gives it terpene profiles a much bolder and concentrated flavor. 

No matter what type of tastes you like, this Haze Xtreme will surely be hard to say no to! All of these great tastes will stick around in your mouths after exhaling the smoke, giving it a pleasurable aftertaste that excites your taste buds with each toke.

As it is sativa-dominant for the most part, you will surely be introduced to a much more cerebral high that can get quite psychedelic when smoked in high enough doses. The effects shoot straight up into your mind, giving you a very dreamy and tripped out feeling that can get quite hazy. When you see your whole environment start becoming disoriented, your senses begin to sharpen. This makes you feel a lot more focused and alert, perfect for starting off your days. 

While it does tend to stimulate your mind into a fairly mind-altering state, you will still have it in you to pursue anything you have planned out for the day. It gives you a lot of energy that you can make use of with all sorts of recreational activities and work-related tasks. As your social levels also take a bump up, you will find yourself a lot more open and sociable with the people around you! 

What are the Medical Benefits of Haze Xtreme Regular?

Haze Xtreme contains a lot of THC, CBD, and CBD levels that can work great for medical use. The inherent levels of pain-relieving properties allow this strain to be used as a remedy for chronic pains, discomforts, and stiffness in your bodies. The way that it allows patients to focus on things a lot more effectively gives this strain a thumbs up with people diagnosed with ADHD/ADD and other attention-deficient conditions.

Patients who medicate their ailments through marijuana can also utilize Haze Xtreme for promoting a lot of euphoric and stress-relieving qualities. This makes it a good choice for remedying depression, anxiety, anorexia, PTSD, and all other classes of mood-disrupting conditions.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Haze Xtreme Regular

Well, the strain does have “Xtreme” in its name so don’t be all that surprised if you feel some pretty strong feelings of paranoia and panic if you use too much of this strain. The high THC levels give this strain a potency which requires smokers to use it with caution. Oversmoking the buds of Haze Xtreme can cause long hours of unease in your minds. 

And since it does tend to get quite psychedelic, you are a lot more exposed to feeling dizzy and greening out with Haze Xtreme! When smoking, try taking one to two hits first and sit it out for a while. Continue taking controlled tokes of this strain to avoid getting caught with these adverse effects! 

How to Grow Haze Xtreme Regular 

The Haze Xtreme Regular marijuana seeds will require growers to separate males from females during the pre-flowering stages in order to avoid them from contaminating nearby crops with their pollen. Growers should consider doing this at the earliest stage possible to avoid any risks of ending up with plants that are not viable for producing potent buds.

This strain will be quite easy to grow in any type of garden that you may be operating. It is extremely durable and can resist the development of molds and mildew at a high level. Indoor harvests can produce buds up to around 550g, which is more than the average amount of yield. Outdoors, you will get up more or less 350g per plant. Growers will normally have to wait for around 8 to 10 weeks for the flowering period of this strain. 

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