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Banana Kush Autoflower

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Banana Kush Marijuana Seeds is a high THC strain that’s easy to grow. It’s a strain capable of producing large and dense buds with 23% THC. Despite producing average yields, it’s a small plant ideal for stealth growing. You’ll get buds with earthy, tropical, pungent and delicious banana flavors to enjoy.

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More About Banana Kush Autoflower 

Intense Flavor, Rich Smoke

Banana Kush Autoflower brings out the best of two worlds in one package. As a well-balanced hybrid, she induces a high that combines the lively and sedating sensations along with a medium THC content of 17-20%.

After taking some tokes, you will feel happy and euphoric. Take advantage of the feeling by doing what you need to finish. In the long run, your activeness will be replaced with an uplifting, relaxing, and sleepy feeling.

She even looks more enticing now that she can flower fast than the original Banana Kush. With a flowering time that may take a little more, she tends to produce more than what you might be expecting. Rest assured, she will be okay whether you choose to grow her indoors or outdoors.

Cultivating her will be a great experience regardless of your experience and skills. Banana Kush Autoflower is beginner-friendly because she’s easy to cultivate and manage.

3 reviews for Banana Kush Autoflower

  1. Audrey Nguyen

    This strain is very rich in flavor! The effects are very uplifting and relaxing together with its delicious taste. This strain s perfect for a newbie grower like me because it’s so easy to grow it doesn’t really give me a hard time. Plus the appearance is just great because of its hairy buds, lovely!

  2. Stephanie Watts

    This strain was easy to hold and It relaxes me absolutely, and makes it very possible for me to speak very calmly about matters. It’s so wonderful! For individuals coping with fear and social anxiety I would strongly suggest it. Simple to cultivate it. It’s a strain that develops broad and thick buds. It is a small plant ideal for stealth development, although generates average yields.

  3. Elsie Ernst

    Banana kush is a fast-flowering plant and it is great to cultivate this indoors, she was easy to topped bec of its vigority development, and it develops a thin buds yet they are strong and dense. I find it very nice to use because of its sweet fruity taste with a slight hint of floral. Her effects can make me more energetic and happy.

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