Cream Candy Autoflower

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Cream Candy Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 24% and is one of the easiest to grow. It is a small plant growing only up to 110 cm tall. It will grow good yields at 500 grams per plant outdoors and up to 600 grams per square meter indoors. You’ll fall for its delicious flavors, including earthy, sweet, creamy, and vanilla flavors.

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More About Cream Candy Autoflower 

A Sweet and Creamy Dessert

She was born to parents Cream Caramel Auto and Deimos. She is a hybrid strain with a stronger indica side. Therefore, she tends to induce more of a body high over the stimulating cerebral buzz.

Cream Candy Autoflower stands out in terms of potency. You will enjoy her extraordinary power in every puff. Packing a high THC amount of 19-24%, she is incredibly potent. Taking a higher dose will lead to a couch-locked sensation for sure. Hence, Cream Candy Autoflower is much more ideal to be used as a nighttime or bedtime smoke.

For taste and aroma, she introduces the invigorating sweet, soft, and earthy undertones. These notes become more apparent with every toke. Cultivating her is pure bliss. She is tough but easy to manage. Given her genetics, she takes less time to bloom and yield dense buds. Truly, she is a great addition to any garden.

2 reviews for Cream Candy Autoflower

  1. Matthew Brito

    Cream Candy was very easy to develop indoors and had a short flowering time. It also produces a delicious and remarkable flavor of earthy and creamy vanilla, which gives me a very soothing feeling. When smoking this strain, I always feel relaxed and sleepy, that’s why I usually use it in every afternoon or in the evening, and I love every feeling that it gives me while puffing this.

  2. Tamela Whisler

    Cream Candy is the easiest strain to raise, but it does not grow tall. Cultivating this outdoors provides me a lot of yields. It has the most restrained smell and taste of sweet, creamy, earthy, and vanilla that catch my interest way better than any other strain. Giving me a very stimulating buzz that awakes every sleeping nerve in my body. I really enjoy this one. I’m gonna purchase a lot more!

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