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Purple Kush Autoflowering is an indica dominant strain created from two renowned indicas – Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Famous for its eye-catching colors and pleasant taste, Purple Kush Auto boasts a kind of fragrance that is subtly spicy, pungent, and earthy but with notes of grape, common among Kush varieties. Its flavor on the other hand has a very distinct taste of skunk, berry, and sandalwood. It is the perfect strain for those who seek relaxation, especially at night. Within just approximately eight weeks, growers can expect a small but bushy Purple Kush Auto with orange bits in its buds. It is easy to grow, and quite resistant to pests and molds as well. All types of growers, may it be seasoned or beginners, will get to experience a hassle-free and satisfying journey with Purple Kush Auto.

If you are in search of a long-lasting, euphoric, and powerful strain, then Purple Kush Auto is definitely what you are looking for.  With THC levels averaging from 15% to 28% at most, it is a cannabis variety that is apparently very potent, which in effect, induces an opiate-like mind and body buzz. As an indica dominant, it has the capacity to relieve stress, calm the mind, and provide a full body relaxation that eventually leads into an intense couch-lock. Moreover, Purple Kush Auto has anti-inflammatory properties which are very effective in easing chronic pain and muscular spasms. One of its natural side effects is causing munchies to its users, making it helpful for those who are having troubles gaining their appetite. As much as Purple Kush Auto is great at delivering recreational benefits, its antidepressant qualities are what nailed this strain in, as mental conditions with symptoms of depression and anxiety will surely take comfort.

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purple kush
Purple Kush AutoFlower
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Strain Specifications

Strain Specifications
Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani x Ruderalis
CBG Level
Cool, Dry, Mediterranean, Sunny
Indoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Outdoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Harvesting Time
All Year
Strain Specifications
Indoor Yields
Outdoor Yields
Bulky Buds, Frosty Trichomes, Mildew Resistant, Mold Resistant, Pest Resistant, Possibility of Purple Buds
Taste and Smell
Earthy, Fruity, Herbal, Pine, Sandalwood, Sweet
Calm, Couch Locked, Relaxing, Sedative, Sleepy, Tranquil
Bisabolol, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene, Terpinolene

What are the Flavors and Effects of Purple Kush Autoflowering?

Purple Kush Auto is fairly similar to other Kush varieties, but what differentiates this strain from the others is its sandalwood flavor. Its earthy but subtly sweet taste is sure to conquer your mouth with its unique sensation of flavors. Purple Kush Auto also boasts a bold pungent aroma that has notes of berries that are soaked in rich spices. The explosion of flavors that come from Purple Kush Auto makes this Indica strain classic.

Considering its very soothing aroma and flavor, Purple Kush Auto can be named as a master strain for relaxation. However, it is not the only thing that makes it what it is because its effects are essentially what makes this strain atop the cannabis chain. Purple Kush Auto is the best strain for those who want to relax themselves and shoo all their troubles away. It provides very uplifting energy and a blissful high on the onset. Eventually, as the high settles, it leaves a joyful sedated feeling that induces couch-lock which then leads to drowsiness. Purple Kush Auto is recommended for evening use because its effects may hinder productivity to its users. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Purple Kush Autoflowering?

Purple Kush Auto is acclaimed for its anti-inflammatory properties that are so effective in keeping chronic pain and muscle spasms at bay. It is a reliable choice in alleviating symptoms of several mental conditions especially those related to anxiety and depression as it helps clear the mind of all the unnecessary thoughts it has. Furthermore, Purple Kush Auto can also aid in inducing a healthy appetite among its patients because one of its natural side effects is causing munchies. Those weight loss caused by complex medical treatments and chemotherapies to cancer patients can be compensated by the munchies generated from smoking this strain.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Purple Kush Autoflowering?

This Indica dominant strain is a great choice for an everyday evening smoke because of its full body relaxation effects. However, despite its reputable effects, it somehow holds some adverse effects. Although these symptoms are nothing serious and out of the ordinary, it is still important to manage them properly. Reports of dizziness, paranoia, and headaches have been observed while smoking this strain. These nevertheless can’t be obtained when the consumption of cannabis is just in moderation. Along with it are some more noticeable effects that are common among most cannabis varieties are cottonmouth and dry eyes. So frequent hydration is a must before, during, and after the smoking session.

How to Grow Purple Kush Autoflowering

Since Purple Kush Autoflowering is an Indica dominant strain, it upholds the qualities of an indica that are worth noting compared to other hybrids. One for example is its flexibility to whatever method of cultivation. Purple Kush Auto is very convenient for first time growers as it is hassle free and highly resistant to pests. The only thing you have to be mindful of is proper ventilation for the plant in order to have good airflow for healthy buds, and an occasional trim to increase air circulation because Indicas are known to have broad leaves.

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21 reviews for Purple Kush AutoFlower

  1. Karen

    I have always loved purple kush. It’s not only good for pain and insomnia relief, it is great for the munchies and now I can grow it in Auto Flower. This is so exciting.

  2. Malcolm W

    Purple Kush Auto nap is what I’m going to call my purple kush. Love to melt into the couch and relax with a good flic. It has a smooth grapey earthy taste. I prefer to grow in soil and having Purple Kush in an Auto flower has been perfect for growing in my small tent. It grows nice and low with cool purple and green buds. Think I’ll grow a Bubblegum Auto flower along with it next time.

  3. Rishi

    I was using Purple Kush before , But I did a try purple kush autoflowering. Easy than others , not ask for more attention.
    Nice smell with good buds.
    I love it . I am going to try more strains from Luv U.

  4. Scott saunders

    Best bubblegum auto I have seen to date. And it’s pretty resilient. Very nice buds by day 55

  5. Budmaster

    My budz are wild pretty sure there stronger than advertising people say its the best ever that they had im pround of that since we are 25 plus year smokers some strong stuff budz

  6. Joseph Pilon

    Looking forward to pain relief without resorting to opioids.

    • SWGbishnu

      Girl Scout Cookies strain, or as it is more commonly known, GSC is one of the most effective cannabis strains in the market for pain relief.

  7. Closet_grower84

    Love the purple kush that I finishing up. the most frost I have seen on a plant yet.

  8. Larry D Musgrove

    I will endeavor to give an unbiased and objective review with my limited experience growing indoor Cannabis autos. This is my first and only experience with SunWest and to date I’ve only grown 4 of thier Purple Kush Autos. That being said, keep in mind that this review is a limited but honest one being written by someone with only 12 Autoflower grows completed. Of course I’ve already developed somewhat of a limited relationship with the prior seed breeders I’ve used in the recent past. Yes I do have a favorite that I will use for comparison. This review isn’t a sales pitch for my favorite so I won’t mention thier name. I will say that SunWest genetics has it’s work cut out for it. The bar is mighty high !
    I received 6 seeds after a short 6 day wait after I ordered 3 Purple Kush Autos. Packaging was comparable to every other company I’ve used. Nothing out of the ordinary nothing special or suspicious. ( the seeds were actually vended through Rocket Seeds. So I suppose if one has delivery or germination issues it would be better to address them with the actual seed vendor instead of the breeder). I had no delivery issues.
    I germinated 4 of the 6 PKA’s using the soak/ paper towel method. 100% germination within 24 hours and were planted in Roots Organic soil. Within 3 days all 4 popped.
    Currently I have 4 beautiful, I mean beautiful and monster sized plants. The fragrance is amazing and multiple colas are approaching 12 inches long and swelled up the size of coffee cups ! Beautiful ladies ! Since this is a general and limited review I won’t get into the technical aspects of my grow. That’s better reviewed in a grow journal. I can say; however, that my first and only experience with SunWest Genetics has been great. Service and product is excellent. Rocket seeds too. I’m looking forward to the next order and hopefully the same success repeated. Good job Sunwest !

  9. Francis Hughes

    Well I guess I’m going to love this strain, this is my first to time growing this plant and yet so far so good.

  10. Dale Woods

    Keep the plant in veg a little longer and do some topping, and then scrog it I believe would do this plant good. The stone is perfect to melt away stress, ease every muscle in your body and let you drift off to another head space completely. I will always be sure to have this in my stash! I would definitely recommend this strain!

  11. Manuel Cole

    This purple is a good choice depending on how she is grown. The harvest was easy and they smell like fruit. I can’t wait. I was pleasantly surprised by the output. I did it! I am very proud of my first grow. I was not expecting very much but what I get I am satisfied.

  12. Rodney West

    I defoliated heavily throughout the process so a lot of my lower buds are more well developed than one might expect. I harvested when the top buds started turning amber. They smell super fruity. I use this in my vape and it takes me 10 minutes to realize that I haven’t moved a muscle and am in a completely relaxed world. I am really pumped!

  13. Curtis Jordan

    This plant is short and thick however it had to fight a gnat infestation and some deficiencies and a pH issue due to this being a first with coco. I’m very pleased with the outcome of my grow. I smoked some of the larf yesterday and it is delicious. Really happy with what I got! I will be growing this strain again in hydroponics and with some training.

  14. Norman Owens

    Easy to work with, trains well, but can split later on near the base due to weight of bud builds. Buds are very hard and well spread apart on the stem. This is my new favorite, it tastes like berries, fruity and sweet. This also puts me into a deep sleep and kills off my nightmares. Pure medicine for depression/ptsd. Thank you!

  15. Charlie Hunt

    It’s eathy and sweet aroma while you smoke it is what makes me stick to this Purple kush strain. Aside from getting the relaxing effect, smelling it gives me a different level of pleasure. It is also easy and fast growing. You won’t be dealing with a lot of stress in cultivating this because it is just that good! I will definitely be ordering more!

  16. Christian Tom

    Great customer support, and super efficient process from start to end. Sunwest made it all easy for me that is why I have been purchasing from them frequently. I have personal inclination towards Purple Kush in particular, although I have been purchasing other strains. I prefer indica dominates for their ability to keep your body relaxed, The sativa part of this strain makes you feel the right kind of high. Purple Kush makes you feel good. Highly recommended!

  17. Paul Butler

    I’m not a dreamy guy, but when I was high on Purple Kush strains, a lot of crazy things happened. Stuff that I can’t really describe. It kicked me out, but I was too tall and comfortable to look after it. My eyes were exceedingly heavy after a half, but I wasn’t too tired, just very relaxed. I wanted to watch a movie and the entire time I was high… loving this Indica

  18. Steve1982

    Purple Kush Autoflowering is perfect for the small garden space I have at home. It doesn’t also require that much sunlight to produce abundant amounts of flowers. Smoking this weed is another awesome experience that is one for the books. No wonder, this strain got a lot of positive reviews. The long -lasting euphoria is something that I can’t get enough of!

  19. David Breedlove

    I have got some Purple Kush AutoFlowering Seeds from this business and yesterday I began to germinate. You can’t afford to see how it works out. Until this I have never bought seeds and I must admit it was a great experience! Next time I will get ready to buy some more, I plan on purchasing some seeds straight from Sunwest Genetics! I like the process of safe and discrete shipping. Great job!!

  20. India Bankston

    Purple Kush Auto is one of my favorite strains due to its medical benefits. This strain is my partner when i feel so stress about work or in everything. Though it’s not moderate to grow this strain still yields abundantly. I love its berry and sweet scent and taste, whenever I consume it.

  21. Frank Howard

    I like this strain because they grow well but require much light to develop bushy and resistant to mold and mildews, perfect for indoor growing. I can’t get over its aromatic scent with hints of spice and berries. It is musky in taste, but it gives a subtle fresh fruity flavor. I enjoy the relaxing effects and euphoric high. I recommend this strain to those who want to release stress.

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