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AK-47 Autoflower

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AK-47 Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant strain that’s known for its quick flowering and very high THC levels. Despite its sativa lineage, these plants are small at only 60 to 70 cm tall. Yields are average and flowering times are early at 6 to 8 weeks. Your small plants will grow dense buds with sweet, woody, pungent flavors.

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More About AK-47 Autoflower

A Fruity and Sedating Smoke

Your smoking routine will never be the same once you give her a chance to show what she can give. A powerful indica-dominant strain, AK-47 Autoflower, is quite relaxing and sedating, considering that she bears 15-23 % THC.

That THC amount will be enough to get you stoned. Taking a bit higher dose may cause a couch-lock sensation that is best to enjoy when you’re just alone and lazy at home.
Now with the genetics of a ruderalis, she normally takes up to 10 weeks to flower. Medium yields will come along. From there, she will deliver generous amounts of sweet-smelling flowers that taste fruity and spicy. A few tokes will be enough to enjoy these mouth-watering notes and hints.

While you smoke, you will also enjoy a relaxing and sedating sensation that makes you lazy and sleepy. So, you better save her as an evening or bedtime smoke.

1 review for AK-47 Autoflower

  1. Amber Watanabe

    This fast growing strain is something else! The woody, sweet and pungent taste is just amazing! This strain small in size but has a lot to offer. The effects helps me with my insomnia. This strain is very easy to cultivate! Love this strain in general!

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