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Critical Jack

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Critical Jack Marijuana Seeds is a fluffy balanced hybrid cannabis plant with heavy yields and high THC at 20%. This plant is tall at 300 cm, and yields are 1200 grams per plant outdoors and up to 600 grams per square meter indoors. Your plants will grow dense buds with flowery, pine, spicy, and pepper flavors.

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More About Critical Jack (fem)

The Royal Highness of Cannabis

Critical Jack is a Sativa dominant hybrid that is a highly satisfying and enjoyable weed to smoke. It has won several awards in the past, including 1994’s High Times Cannabis Cup and 2015’s San Bernardino Hempcon Cup. A cross between Critical Plus and Jack Herer, this is a match made in heaven as both parent strains are very potent and revitalizing in its own right. Equipped with a clear-headed high, this Sativa leaning strain provides a great experience for its user.

The effects start with a potent yet decent high that instantly clears the mind from any clutter and negative thoughts. You will find yourself having to look at your tasks in a freshly different way. Never before have you had this kind of outlook, and it just goes to show how much this strain has an effect on its users.

When grown outdoors, this Sativa leaning plant shines and thrives. The tall plant does pose a bit of a problem for growers who want to hide the plant, but guerilla tactics will come in to play with this strain.

2 reviews for Critical Jack

  1. Bernice

    Refreshing aroma like an oregano and high-yielder plant!..this herb survives both indoor and outdoor growth in warm or cold climate,not so complicated. After 8-10 weeks, each plant produce around 1000g of aromatic buds..Her green leaves turns purple when it’s cold and resistance to pests as releases a sweet pine scent, on inhale she has a peppery spice taste, delightful smooth smoke!..the high buzz is mild just enough to enjoy the rest of the day and enhance focus..brings happy kick that eases stress and depression..Try this! you’ll never regret..

  2. Joan Johnson

    Critical Jack has an aroma and flavor of lemon, pine, and floral. his is a great remedy for my insomnia because it offers me to have a good and deep sleep at night. Whenever I puff this it gives me the feeling of being uplifted, relaxed, and energetic. Growing this strain just takes about 9 weeks until it becomes fully matured and it gives me a lot of buds to harvest and I grew this outdoor so it can have a lot of sunshine.

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