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God Bud Strain Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Learn about the amazing God Bud Strain Regular Cannabis Seeds! This strain promises a genuinely exquisite experience with a high THC concentration ranging from 19-27% and a balanced CBD level of 0.60%. Because of its moderate growing difficulties and 8–10 week growing time, it is suitable for growers of all experience levels. God Bud Strain is currently offered at SunWest Genetics if you’re looking for a high-quality cannabis strain. Improve your cultivation skills right now with this outstanding strain!

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God Bud Strain Regular Marijuana Seeds
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Strain Specifications

Strain Specifications
Hawaiian x Purple Skunk x Unknown Canadian Strain
CBG Level
Continental, Cool, Dry, Sunny
Indoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Outdoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Harvesting Time
Mid October
Strain Specifications
Indoor Yields
500g/m2= 17oz
Outdoor Yields
1000g/plant = 35 oz
Mildew Resistant, Pest Resistant, Sensitive to Humidity
Taste and Smell
Earthy, Fruity, Sweet, Woody
Calm, Euphoric, Giggly, Hungry, Relaxing, Talkative
Caryophyllene, Delta 3 Carene, Humulene, Linalool

God Bud Strain Growing Information

God Bud Strain, a remarkable hybrid of Hawaiian, Purple Skunk, and an Unknown Canadian Strain. This Indica-Dominant beauty packs a powerful punch with a THC content ranging from 19% to 27% and a balanced CBD level of 0.60%. If you’re looking to grow your own premium stash, here’s what you need to know:

God Bud Strain thrives in a range of climates, including cool, continental, sunny, and dry conditions. Its adaptability makes it an excellent choice for outdoor and indoor growers alike. In just 8-10 weeks, you can witness this strain’s gorgeous flowers in full bloom. Expect a medium-sized plant, typically reaching heights between 5 to 8 feet, making it manageable for both indoor and outdoor setups.

God Bud Strain is generous with its yield. Indoors, you can harvest approximately 17 ounces per square meter. Outdoors, prepare to be amazed by a bountiful yield of around 35 ounces per plant. Get ready to reap the rewards of your hard work in mid-October when the buds are at their peak potency. While it’s not the easiest strain to grow, it’s a great choice for those with a bit of cultivation experience under their belts. With some care and attention, you’ll be rewarded with premium, potent buds.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance of God Bud Strain

God Bud Strain exhibits remarkable durability, a characteristic that makes it a cultivator’s ideal choice due to its resistance to pests and mildew. However, it’s worth noting that maintaining appropriate humidity levels is essential for nurturing these exquisite plants to perfection.

Regarding its flavor and scent, God Bud Strain stands as a true masterpiece. Its terpene profile includes Delta 3 Carene, Linalool, Humulene, and Caryophyllene, resulting in a harmonious blend of sensory experiences. Picture this: a foundation of sweet, earthy notes subtly interwoven with woody undertones, and a delightful trace of fruity accents. This flavor profile is sure to leave your taste buds craving more.

The fragrance is equally enchanting, featuring a blend that marries earthy and sweet elements. Inhaling this aroma will transport you to a realm of relaxation and euphoria, setting the stage for an extraordinary cannabis encounter.

Strain Effects

This exceptional cannabis variety provides a delightful amalgamation of sensations that cater to both the mind and body. Experience a profound state of tranquility enveloping you, dissolving stress and anxiety effortlessly. The soothing effect of God Bud Strain is an ideal means of unwinding after a demanding day. Prepare to embark on a journey towards a euphoric state. The elation induced by this strain is elevating and mood-enhancing, leaving you adorned with a beaming smile. Laughter becomes your trusted companion, and God Bud Strain knows it all too well. It’s not uncommon to find yourself in fits of giggles as this strain lightens your mood.

The notorious “munchies” are a signature feature of God Bud Strain. Be prepared to have your appetite pleasantly awakened, making it an excellent choice for those in search of relief from appetite loss or nausea. Feel the release of tension from your muscles as a gentle wave of relaxation sweeps through you. This strain is a perfect match for those yearning for both physical and mental serenity. Engage in animated conversations and connect with others as God Bud Strain encourages sociability. It’s a superb option for social gatherings or simply enjoying quality time with friends.

Description of God Bud Strain

This Indica-Dominant hybrid has taken the cannabis community by storm, and its popularity is well-deserved. The lineage of God Bud Strain weaves a captivating narrative of its origins, blending the exotic charm of Hawaiian genetics with the robust Purple Skunk and the enigmatic character of an undisclosed Canadian strain. The outcome is a strain that stands as a testament to the craftsmanship of cannabis breeding. With a THC content that spans from a substantial 19% to an impressive 27%, the God Bud Strain demands the attention of experienced enthusiasts seeking a potent and euphoric encounter. Its modest CBD content of 0.60% ensures a well-balanced journey. Get ready to be mesmerized by the range of effects offered by this strain. From a profound sense of tranquility and relaxation to episodes of euphoria and laughter, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions that leaves you feeling chatty and, inevitably, with a heightened appetite for delightful culinary experiences.

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2 reviews for God Bud Strain Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Adeline Somers

    It’s unbelievable how insanely high the yields of this strain are! The plants aren’t even that tall! Amazing for outdoor growing, they’ll reach their full sizes under tropical climates. The taste was really nice too. It held up a pretty decent lemon flavor that had sweet and sour notes! Also, the effects made me gleam with happiness and calmness! This will make you feel really heavy and downed. Top class strain to have!

  2. Erica L.

    An earthy sweet chocolate taste and woody pine scent all in one strain! a single whiff of this is enough to feel that mind high which brings laughter then slowly deep relaxing sensation tends me to fall asleep, good for me to fight insomnia and I eat more now unlike before I loss my appetite. this baby is not that easy to grow like others but with proper care and effort she offers me abundant yields of tasty buds. Some trimming is needed for air flow and light to get growing her outdoor in warm place, she produce almost 30oz/plant..Such a blissful experience! More on this sooon..

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