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God Bud Regular

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God Bud Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain popular for its very high THC and good yields. Enjoy 22% THC from this small plant, only 90cm tall. This strain is perfect for stealth growing as you can get as much as 1000 grams of weed per plant outdoors and up to 500 grams per square meter indoors.                                                       

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More About God Bud Regular

Angelic Bag Charm with Great Yields

Aside from being appraised as a cannabis harbor, there are few kinds of strains that can credit for placing Canada in 420 maps, and the God Bud is one of them. It is from a cross of the two known Sativa-dominant genitor, which is the Hawaiian and the Purple Skunk. This earthy chocolate-aroma flower grows from an unpretentious frame and is filled with a THC level of up to 27%. Its laden authorizes it to make your mind in an amazing state of fantasy with just one hit.

Aside from its high, the herb is also effective in terms of fighting depression, nausea and vomiting, poor appetite, and even insomnia. You are just enjoying eating a hot fudge cake due to its cocoa flavor. To get the best experience, it is advisable to consume it before dinner.

This strain is not quite the easiest cannabis to cultivate due to its thick form that needs grooming with an appropriate air movement, the right amount of light exposure, and even an energy assignment. When growing it in an indoor setting, you need to have a robust system to manage its powerful smell.

This God Bud strain is so worthy to grow. With a maximum height of just 3 feet tall, it grows even in a small place like in balconies or even in a small secrecy cabinet. Additionally, exposing the plant to a cool temperature, it is green buds turn into stylish deep plum flowers with modest, long pistils that inflate its bag appeal.

Growing it in an indoor setting, you need to maintain its air humidity for up to 50% and temperature for around 18 up to 26°C. Within 8 to 9 weeks of fruiting period, expect to have as much as 500 grams of buds each square meter. It is an advantage if you grow outdoors when you have a similar climate to the Mediterranean. It produces up to 1000 grams of fresh flowers per plant, and it is ready to harvest during the mid-month of October.

2 reviews for God Bud Regular

  1. Adeline Somers

    It’s unbelievable how insanely high the yields of this strain are! The plants aren’t even that tall! Amazing for outdoor growing, they’ll reach their full sizes under tropical climates. The taste was really nice too. It held up a pretty decent lemon flavor that had sweet and sour notes! Also, the effects made me gleam with happiness and calmness! This will make you feel really heavy and downed. Top class strain to have!

  2. Erica L.

    An earthy sweet chocolate taste and woody pine scent all in one strain! a single whiff of this is enough to feel that mind high which brings laughter then slowly deep relaxing sensation tends me to fall asleep, good for me to fight insomnia and I eat more now unlike before I loss my appetite. this baby is not that easy to grow like others but with proper care and effort she offers me abundant yields of tasty buds. Some trimming is needed for air flow and light to get growing her outdoor in warm place, she produce almost 30oz/plant..Such a blissful experience! More on this sooon..

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