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BC God Bud Marijuana Seeds has very high THC levels and will produce heavy yields. Grow this indica-dominant strain, and you can get as much as 1000 grams per plant outdoors and up to 500 grams per square meter indoors. This is a small plant only 90 cm when mature, but you can get high THC at 22%.

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More About BC God Bud (Regular)

Considered as BC Bud Station

This strain already experiences winning the World’s Best Indica in Canada as a Cannabis Cup Winner. This BC God Bud has a great fragrance that is findable on planet Earth. This strain contains 75% Indica and a 25% Sativa hybrid strain. It comes from the cross of G0 x Hawaiian with a Purple Skunk. BC God Bud reaches an up to 24% THC level. It is also recommended to use in medicinal conditions such as insomnia, depression, and it even gives relief for usual pains.

Planting it in an indoor setting can take a flowering period of 9 weeks while planting it outdoors, it is ready to harvest during the month of October. This marijuana strain makes a very good choice for those commercial growers as its compact buds have a huge bag appeal and a lot of flavor up an extraterrestrial high. BC God Bud grows as heavy crystal-like coated buds with an outer body great feeling.

4 reviews for BC God Bud Regular

  1. Lorrie Holloway

    I got some of the best yields from these seeds! Been using them for around 2 cycles now, I can tell you that it’s all you’re gonna need! The plants were real strong and hefty they were able to support the ridiculous amount of flowers growing! a little dry and gassy on the throat once you smoke which kinda reminds me of the old weed. you also have some fine fruity hints in there as well. High was extremely strong and relaxing, it gives me a nice reason to stay indoors HAHA! Great strain to get me to sleep at night. Thumbs up!

  2. C. Blevins

    a good relaxing smoke! 8 weeks flowering time and she’s so kind to give me high yields! i harvested almost 850g per plant outdoor growth. her buds are thick covered with heavy crystal..easy-growing plant that even beginners can grow her successfully, if you have space for indoor growth,you can do so..the sweet earthy taste and scent ,so long lasting! it heals my broken heart lol kidding aside she helps me forget worries and leaves me happy while laying down in the bed, watch movies and eat a lot..dry mouth and eyes take place during and after smoke, so i just drink plenty of water!. A must-try!

  3. Peced1950

    Wow just wow, an incredible seed to grow. The plants and buds grow dense so I needed to prune and train them. it was a short plant, buds were super tasty and the effect was some long-lasting cerebral bliss. It looks like it has been dipped into sugar and the colors were perfect like were out of this world. best for insomnia! Good if you can get it so don’t pass it up!

  4. Althiche

    BC God Bud was a very pleasant surprise. Easy to grow, very high yield, buds were full of trichomes as if someone pours a lump of sugar on them and smells wonderful as it tastes like a sweet aroma of berry and pine. I use it to relieve symptoms of stress and depression. I’m so thankful I have found this :* Its effects and looks were awesome! A score of 5 stars!

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