Big Devil

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Big Devil Marijuana Seeds is a THC-rich strain that’s easy to grow and has faster-flowering. This is a balanced hybrid strain capable of producing up to 550 grams of yield per square meter and 250 grams per plant outdoors. This strain has high THC at 18% and has an average height ideal for stealth growing.

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More About Big Devil Autoflower

Don’t Be Fooled by Her Name

Don’t be scared of this autoflowering beauty. While her name can be scary, that does not mean you should avoid her. This auto cannabis strain deserves a spot in your garden due to her high THC and quick flowering.

With 15-21% THC, Big Devil Autoflower is potent enough. Her high is intense but not overwhelming. If you’re a novice, be careful when you smoke with her. She can be so powerful, and taking a few more tokes may get you locked to the couch for several minutes to an hour or even longer. You’ll feel energetic, creative, euphoric, focused, uplifted, and talkative.

Given her genetics, she takes less time to bloom. 8 weeks are usually enough for her to produce those yummy buds. She’s been known for her fantastic buds that smell pine, skunky, and pungent. You will notice the same notes for her taste.

1 review for Big Devil

  1. Gabbie M.

    Nice! Growing this strain was really quick and easy that there was not much challenge. It even has a decent yield and height. Also, its high really fits me. I don’t like to get overwhelmed so I prefer a balanced feel like this one. Perfectly chilling. Thanks for this and the good service!

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