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Afghan Autoflower

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Afghan Marijuana Seeds is a beginner strain because it’s very easy to grow. It’s resistant to molds and can grow in almost all environments. Despite average yields, you can get buds with 18% THC. It flowers late at 10 to 12 weeks, giving you ripe and dense buds with spicy, pine, earthy, and sweet flavors.

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More About Afghan Autoflower 

Incredible Taste and Power in One

If you’re searching for a cannabis smoke that stands out in both taste and power, you should not hesitate to try Afghan Auto. She’s a beautiful traditional strain that can be cultivated in a growing environment.

Look at her; she is somewhat similar to a wild plant. She came from the original Afghan. She was then crossed to a ruderalis strain to gain that special fast-flowering capability. Hence, you won’t spend waiting for a long time for those yummy flowers that ooze with skunky, hashish, pungent, and spicy notes. With 15-175 THC, she will get you stoned but still functional.

With her fast-flowering capability, she takes less time to bloom. Despite that, she is a massive yielder regardless of the growing condition. She’s beginner-friendly considering how manageable she is. With all these things, she deserves to be the newest star in your secret garden.

3 reviews for Afghan Autoflower

  1. Fred R.

    This plant is definitely my go-to relaxation strain! It truly delivers its deep sedating powers all over me. Perfect for having a goodnight’s sleep after a hard day. It’s indeed resilient and very easy to grow. So all hands for this mary! I’ll be ordering another one. Thank you for this.

  2. Christy Harrison

    Oh, Man, I so love this marijuana strain. It’s so breezy and it tastes so sweet. I love the soothing sensations and the earthy scent that consumes the back of my throat and soothes my tongue with the sharp smoke. Afghan is a very fascinating and amazing strain, very incredibly simple to develop and grow, especially if you have an indoor room. Totally stunning and quick to harvest. 5 stars all the way!

  3. Henry Carbaugh

    This sweet and tangy strain has many advantages, such as releasing stress after a stressful day at work and boosting your metabolism. This Afghan Autoflower’s intense smoke will produce a relaxed state and could bring me to have a good night’s rest. It’s not really hard to cultivate this Afghan Autoflower because it’s a resilient plant to pests and fungus and might develop outdoors without paying close attention and still deliver excellent buds that are wide and densely coated with a ton of resin. I recommend this lovely strain very much!

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