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Here, we have the Amnesia Haze Autoflowering marijuana strain. The loved and well-renowned Amnesia Haze was a strain that was known to give off some extremely strong senses of psychedelia and mental stimulation. Today, you can get all those great feelings in an autoflowering version! With the amazing qualities of Amnesia Haze and the growing convenience of ruderalis genetics all rolled into one, all of you smokers and cultivators are definitely in for a treat! 

The concept of this Amnesia Haze Autoflowering strain is first believed to have originated from the Netherlands, a place which is notorious for its amazing cannabis gardens and genetics. Ruderalis influences in this Amnesia Haze Autoflowering keep the THC levels at bay, measuring it at an average of 15.50%.The pungent and dank terpene profiles give Amnesia Haze Auto a subtle citrus and spicy smell. Smokers will still get that sweeping sense of mental stimulation that gets them feeling tripped the heck out!

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Amnesia Haze Autoflowering Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant (75% Sativa, 15% Indica, 10% Ruderalis), Autoflowering
Genetics Parents: Amnesia Haze x Ruderalis
Flowering Period: 8 to 9 Weeks
Climate: Temperate, Warm, Tropical
Yields: 250G Indoors and 150G Outdoors
Flavors: Citrus, Spicy, Earthy, Pungent
THC Level: 15.50%
CBD Level: 1.21%
Height: 80 CM to 150 CM
Harvest Period: Early to Mid October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Amnesia Haze Autoflowering?

A few full-on tokes of this Amnesia Haze Auto and you will definitely start appreciating the flavors that crowd your mouth! There will be strong hints of both citrus and spices in there, with the inhale bringing a robust yet fairly soothing wave of smoke down your throat. When you exhale this from your lungs, a trail of dank earthiness is left in your tongue. 

The terpene profiles and smells also mirror the taste quite well. Properly curing the buds of Amnesia Haze Autoflowering impart a scent of lemons and pungence. Breaking them open, you get a more earthy tone that just shoots right up your nostrils.

The effects of Amnesia Haze Autoflowering truly are something to marvel over. Despite the modest level of THC at around 15.50%, smokers will still feel rushes of mental stimulation that boosts their mood and envelops their bodies in a blanket of euphoria. The initial pressure in your head is quickly replaced by a more overwhelming sense of clear-headedness that makes you feel as though you are floating up in the clouds. 

Along with this vibrant feeling of happiness, users will also get an enhancing boost in their energy levels and creativity. This promotes a more alert high that could help your mind focus up and be more productive. Anything that you may be planning on doing throughout the day is sure to be done with ease under the influence of this Amnesia Haze Autoflowering! It is the perfect daytime strain to start things off before heading out to work!

What are the Medical Benefits of Amnesia Haze Autoflowering? 

Amnesia Haze Autoflowering will naturally carry properties that can act as mood enhancers and prevent any negative thoughts from entering your mind. This makes it a strain that may be used for a number of mentally challenging conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic stress, PTSD, and ADHD. The uplifting feelings and renewed sense of energy may also work effectively in combating fatigue and exhaustion. Any time that you are feeling drained from activities throughout the day, trying some Amnesia Haze Autoflowering next time will surely help you get through your days a lot easier! 

While it does not focus mainly on the body, there are still some physical sensations that can be taken from this strain. The way that it targets your head and keeps your mind in a balanced state can aid in mitigating the headaches and migraines that you typically experience in your everyday lives. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Amnesia Haze Autoflowering 

The Amnesia Haze Autoflowering can start affecting your mind in a way that could be quite surprising to beginner smokers. Even if it does not contain the highest levels of THC on paper, you would still be prone to getting a strong sense of psychedelic buzzes. People who have low tolerance levels to THC may start feeling paranoid and anxious about what is happening around them. This could lead to them feeling very uneasy and nauseous, putting you in a state of discomfort for as long as the high lasts.

Of course, marijuana smoking will also bring the possibility of dry eyes and cottonmouth, regardless of what strain you consume. This will usually happen if you are not hydrated enough with insufficient levels of moisture and hydration in your body. 

How to Grow Amnesia Haze Autoflowering

Being an autoflowering version of Amnesia Haze brings a wide array of benefits to your gardens. In addition to not having to worry about male plants contaminating and spreading their pollen all over your gardens, these ruderalis-infused marijuana seeds will also need minimal attention to the lighting patterns that they are exposed to. Autoflowering strains will generally grow at their own pace and time, which means that they are capable of generating buds regardless of the light they are exposed to.

Being a ruderalis-infused strain, the Amnesia Haze Autoflowering can do well in both an indoor and outdoor garden. The small and compact structure of the plants allow people to place them in any given setup without having to worry about the plants’ heights. It takes roughly around 8 to 9 weeks of flowering for this autoflowering strain. Yields from an indoor cannabis garden an average around 250G while an outdoor growing operation brings 150G. 

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