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Yumbolt Feminized

Yumbolt Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Yumbolt Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds offer a potent experience with a THC content ranging from 22% to 24% and 0% CBD. It’s an Indica-Dominant hybrid that’s beginner-friendly, with a short 8-9 week growth cycle for satisfying results. Furthermore, this genetic strain encompasses an Autoflowering variety. Get the most sought after Yumbolt Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds with ease and affordability thanks to Sunwest Genetics. Discreet shipping and easy payment options make it easier than ever to start growing your own White Widow plants.

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Yumbolt Feminized
Yumbolt Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds
$65.00 – $240.00
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Strain Specifications

Strain Specifications
Afghani x Himalayan
CBG Level
Cool, Dry, Mediterranean, Warm
Indoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Outdoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Harvesting Time
Late October
Strain Specifications
Indoor Yields
Outdoor Yields
Crystal Trichomes, Dark Green Leaves, Dense Buds, SOG Technique, Sticky Resin
Taste and Smell
Pine, Pungent, Spicy, Sweet, Woody
Creative, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy, Talkative
Camphene, Caryophyllene, Delta 3 Carene, Myrcene, Valencene

Yumbolt Strain Growing Information

Derived from a blend of Afghani and Himalayan genetics, Yumbolt Strain stands as a masterpiece with a dominant Indica profile, delivering a potent experience with a THC content ranging from 22% to 24%. Yumbolt Strain thrives in cool, dry, warm, and Mediterranean climates, making it adaptable for various outdoor settings. Its short 8-9 week flowering period ensures a swift harvest of resin-rich buds. The plant’s height, typically between one and four feet, is manageable and discreet, ideal for limited space. Outdoor growers can expect a generous harvest of about 500 grams per plant, while indoor cultivators can anticipate yields of roughly 400 grams per square meter. Outdoor harvesting in late October ensures full maturity before colder weather arrives. The Sea of Green (SOG) growing method ensures optimal bud development.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance of Yumbolt Strain

Yumbolt Strain’s unique terpene profile, including Myrcene, Camphene, Valencene, Delta 3 carene, and Caryophyllene, contributes to its exceptional aroma and flavor. The scent transports you to a serene forest with notes of fresh wood and earth, accompanied by sweet, piney undertones. As you delve deeper, you’ll uncover hints of sourness and spice, adding depth and complexity to the profile. Yumbolt Strain is visually captivating, with dense, crystalline buds adorned with dark green foliage and sticky resin, a testament to its potency.

Strain Effects

The Yumbolt Strain will take you on a lovely journey where the effects are like a symphony of sensations for your mind and body. Yumbolt Strain is your ticket to euphoria, a mild yet intense joy that overtakes you. Each hit feels like a flash of joy that has been condensed. And there is no need to explore deeper if you need some inspiration. Yumbolt Strain has a talent for bringing out your creative side and letting your imagination go wild.

Yumbolt Strain will give you a renewed social spirit and have you talking nonstop. You seem to be in a state of pleasant discussion as the stresses of the day seem to melt away. Your key to achieving an untainted level of euphoria that transforms even the most routine experiences into pure joy is this strain. Its soothing hug takes center stage as the adventure goes on. The greatest kind of stress relief, it softly eases tension and stress. However, take caution because it might also direct you into a restful nap. Yumbolt Strain can lull you into a restful sleep if you’re in need of some good sleep.

Description of Yumbolt Strain

Yumbolt Strain, a masterpiece bred from Afghani and Himalayan genetics, boasts a THC content of 22% to 24%, ensuring a robust experience. This Indica-Dominant hybrid combines relaxation and creativity, making it suitable for both socializing and artistic pursuits. It offers a range of emotions, from deep relaxation to pure bliss, akin to finding a peaceful oasis where troubles fade away. Yumbolt Strain adapts to various moods and situations, potentially leading you into a restful slumber.

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