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Strawberry Banana Cheese Feminized

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Strawberry Banana Cheese Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high THC and intense fruity flavors. This strain will grow tall at 160 cm high and with yields up to 400 grams per plant outdoors and up to 500 grams per square meter indoors. You’ll enjoy this strain’s relaxed, uplifted, creative, focused, and euphoric.

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More About Strawberry Banana Cheese Feminized

Multi-Awarded Tasty Treat

The award-winning Strawberry Banana Cheese is famous all over the community for its sweet berry flavor that serves as a reminder of the presence of these fruits. Few notable reasons for the love of this strain are the high THC content, averaging on 20 percent, and being a perfect evening companion for the heavy and relaxed feeling after the initial high.

Not only that, the perfect thing about Strawberry Banana Cheese is how easy it is to grow them, especially with feminized seeds, where you have the chance to harvest more high quality buds, no matter how little your prior experience is.

This strain is known for being resilient and robust, and it is also amazingly able to produce high yields. It can produce up to 450 grams per plant in just a matter of 8 to 10 weeks. It also thrives well whether you plant it indoors or outdoors.

2 reviews for Strawberry Banana Cheese Feminized

  1. AmazingAmy

    Bought the beautiful Strawberry Banana Cheese Marijuana Seeds on this site. Glad that my seeds have grown pretty well. This strain is sweet as strawberry and banana intertwined and tastes like them as well with hints of cheese. I got used to the kind of high that it offers and I usually use it at night before bedtime. Had the most relaxing and rejuvenating sleep ever! Thank you Sunwest will order again soon!

  2. Falcon TJ

    I can’t get enough of this strain! All my faves in one strain! This is best when grown indoors but can also thrive outdoors. It grows beautifully with buds coated in frosty trichomes. The combined flavors of sweet, fresh, and fruity aromas of strawberry and banana, plus the nutty scent of cheddar cheese instantly takes you into a vacation. It’s effects surely gives a full-bodied relaxation, that’s why it is best consumed before capping the night off. Lastly, this strain is an excellent choice for managing several mental conditions such as anxiety, PTSD, and even OCD. To miss this strain is a sin!

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