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Sour OG Feminized

The Sour OG super-hybrid is a natural cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush, making for a great recreational strain. This is why Sour OG is a standard option among consumers looking for a well-balanced indica/sativa high that kicks in easily and keeps you awake for a few hours.

Sour OG has a medium-high THC content and is thus known as a good companion for those in need of some medicinal relief. It produces average yields but compensates with a delightfully fragrant fragrance that will make your head spin and your mouth water. It’s no surprise, then, that this strain took first place in the hybrid division of the 2011 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup.

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Sour OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds Specifications

Type: Indica-Sativa hybrid
Genetics Parents: Sour Diesel x OG Kush
Flowering Period: 8-9 Weeks
Climate: Sunny, Mediterranean
Yield: 450 g/m2 indoors, 500 gr/plant outdoors
Flavors: Earthy, Pine, Lemon, Diesel
THC Level: 13% – 17%
CBD Level: 0.2%
Height: Average
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Medium

What are the Flavor and Effects of Sour OG Feminized?

Sour OG has a lemony flavor, close to the way it smells. It will leave a sticky and strong pine flavor on your tongue. In its smoked form, it has a heavy pine taste and an earthy flavor with a distinct hint of diesel.

Sour OG is a happy-go-lucky strain that will immediately transport you to a state of paradise. It’s ideal for when you want to feel uplifted, wet, and fuzzy thanks to positive vibrations and slow, dreamlike effects. This lovely and robust hybrid is perfect for unwinding at the end of the day and sinking into an energetic and vibrant euphoric state. Artists have also favored Sour OG because of its ability to encourage you to dig deeper and more motivated into your imagination. Fans of Sour OG claim that this strain has a particularly dank aroma and provides a potent medicinal high that is often enjoyable recreationally. It will transport you to a happy and chatty environment, enabling you to interact while avoiding cravings.

What are the Medical Benefits of Sour OG Feminized?

Despite its low CBD content, Sour OG’s profound sedative effects compensate for its lack of medicinal benefit. Patients commonly use this cannabis to treat physical conditions, including chronic pain, arthritis, and back pain. Inflammations, headaches, and nausea can all be relieved with this medication. Users may also treat appetite issues with marijuana’s influence, which induces a strong desire for food. Meanwhile, due to its soothing and mood-enhancing effects, this herb can aid with chronic stress, mild anxiety, and cases of depression. Dryness of the mouth and eyes are also common side effects of sour OG cannabis strains, which is expected in dehydrated users. Drinking plenty of water before, during, and after smoking can easily prevent or alleviate this issue. Furthermore, when marijuana is ingested in high doses, moderate dizziness and paranoia can occur.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Sour OG Feminized

Provided that it is not taken in excess, Sour OG has relatively few side effects. The typical side effects of smoking this weed are dry and itchy eyes and mouth. Drinking enough fluid will help alleviate the symptoms of dry mouth and cottonmouth. Others show dizziness and a tinge of paranoia. This dope is best consumed at the end of the day.

How to Grow Phantom Sour OG Marijuana Seeds

Sour OG grows best in a reliable and easy hydroponic method, and it’s best grown by more experienced growers. When kept outside, this hybrid prefers a mild, dry climate where it can ultimately blossom and flourish in its ideal environment. It reaches a medium height and produces a fragrant and vibrant flower.

When grown indoors, this strain takes approximately 8 to 9 weeks to flower and can yield about 450 grams per square meter of fresh and powerful Sour OG bud. It thrives in various conditions, such as a hydroponic system indoors. Sour OG will produce an approximate yield of 500 grams of bud per plant when grown outdoors and can be assumed to flower in the late summer months, ripening around October.


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