OG Kush Feminized

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OG Kush Marijuana Seeds is a potent, stable classic strain with indica-dominant qualities. It is a very high THC strain at 24% and will produce good yields. These plants will flower in just 10 to 12 weeks, giving you buds with citrus, lemon, sweet, pungent, diesel, pine, and woodsy flavors.

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More About OG Kush (fem)

A Healthy Balanced Hybrid

Many cultivators believe OG Kush originated from Chemdawg, and probably the Hindu Kush or another variety of Kush. Its abbreviation “OG” is believed to be “Ocean Growth”. The enigmatic ancestry of this seed is not only the reason why cannabis enthusiasts are drawn to it. An almost balanced hybrid, OG Kush provides the perks of both Indica and Sativa, giving devoted alleviation for a huge array of manifestations and conditions. OG Kush is a promising option for alleviating pain.

OG Kush feminized seeds may be difficult to cultivate and are mostly advised to expert cultivators. Neophytes may see the yields relatively low, although the advantages and perks can still be worthy of all the struggles they may encounter during the process of gardening. The usual flowering time of this strain is around eight weeks; after such time, the heartiest plants will produce a maximum of 500 grams of yieldable flower.

2 reviews for OG Kush Feminized

  1. Allizenalice

    Wonderful strain. The plant itself is bushy in stature and has strong, dense branches. The buds were large and dense with bright lime green colouring. The aroma/flavour is bold and attention-grabbing, with notes of earth, pine, diesel, spice, and citrus. it has a stronger Indica feel with deep, relaxing effects, best to treat stress and anxiety. If you’re suffering from stress and depression these might help you as well.

  2. Alex

    I prefer to smoke this alone during lunch break. It is in perfect balance. I feel relaxed and motivated. it also offers a euphoric high that is also calming and sedative. The smell of OG Kush is earthy and pungent, and the buds blossom with resinous crystals. It’s a great strain to grow indoor with SOG method to increase yields and bud size. I always support the buds as they can become extremely heavy and dense. This strain is great for beginners because it’s easy to grow. 100% Recommended

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