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Purple Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds offer a captivating cultivation experience with a 20% THC content and a subtle 0.50% CBD touch. Whether you’re an experienced grower or a novice, this strain is an excellent choice. One of its standout features is its relatively short growth cycle, allowing you to progress from seed to harvest in just 8 to 10 weeks, and this means you can soon relish those vibrant, purple-tinged buds. Dive into the euphoric haze of Purple Haze, where its uplifting effects and creative inspiration will transport you on a joyful journey. This particular strain also includes an Autoflowering variety. Don’t miss the opportunity to cultivate the iconic Purple Haze from SunWest Genetics. Acquiring high-quality seeds has never been more convenient.

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Purple Haze fem min 1
Purple Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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Strain Specifications

Strain Specifications
Purple Thai x Haze
CBG Level
Mediterranean, Sunny, Warm
Indoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Outdoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Harvesting Time
Strain Specifications
Indoor Yields
Outdoor Yields
Dense Buds, Frosty Trichomes, Mint Green, Possibility of Purple Buds, Sticky Resin
Taste and Smell
Blueberries, Earthy, Fruity, Grape, Spicy, Sweet
Creative, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing, Social, Uplifting
Bisabolol, Caryophyllene, Geraniol, Limonene, Pinene

Purple Haze Growing Information

Purple Haze, a Sativa-Dominant hybrid crossed from Purple Thai and Haze, thrives in regions resembling the warm, sunny Mediterranean climate. If you can replicate these conditions, either outdoors or within a controlled indoor environment, you’re well on your way to a fruitful harvest. One of Purple Haze’s many advantages is its relatively swift flowering period, with those lush blooms ready for harvesting in approximately 8 to 10 weeks. So, the enchantment of this strain can be enjoyed without much delay. Typically reaching a height of 5 to 8 feet, it is a manageable choice for growers working in both indoor and outdoor settings. When it comes to yield, Purple Haze shines brightly. Outdoor cultivators can expect around 400g per plant, while indoor growers should anticipate a harvest of approximately 500g/m2. It’s a generous reward for your hard work, with outdoor growers experiencing peak success in October when the buds are ready for harvesting, and the purple hues are at their peak.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance of Purple Haze

Prepare for an olfactory explosion when you crack open a jar of Purple Haze. It’s loaded with terpenes like Bisabolol, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Geraniol, and Limonene, creating a symphony of scents that dance in your nostrils. Picture a blend of succulent, juicy blueberries with the earthy notes of a forest floor – it has an enticing aroma that’s fruity, peppery, and grape-like. With each inhale, you’ll be transported to a realm of mouthwatering delights. This strain isn’t just visually appealing; it’s a sensory feast. The buds are a visual delight, typically an enchanting mint green, occasionally adorned with vibrant purple shades. These substantial buds glisten with icy trichomes, hinting at their potency. Every aspect of Purple Haze, from its delightful, sweet fragrance to its stunning appearance, is designed to tantalize the senses. If you seek something both beautiful and delectable, it is the strain of choice. It represents the pinnacle of cannabis excellence!

Strain Effects

Purple Haze acts as a gateway to profound happiness, akin to a radiant burst of sunlight on a cloudy day, elevating your mood and saturating your surroundings with positivity. The capacity of Purple Haze to uplift is truly remarkable. It feels akin to a gentle guide directing your thoughts towards brighter and more optimistic perspectives, making it an ideal choice for those moments when you’re in need of a mood boost. Euphoria is another distinguishing feature of this strain. It’s a type of happiness that envelops you like a cozy, comforting blanket, erasing stress and anxiety from your consciousness. Your concerns simply fade into the background, leaving behind a pure sense of satisfaction.

For those on the quest for relaxation and a chance to tap into their inner creativity, Purple Haze stands ready. It has garnered a reputation for igniting artistic inspiration, rendering it an exceptional selection for artists, musicians, and anyone with a yearning to explore their imaginative side. One of the most captivating attributes of Purple Haze lies in its sociable nature. It has a tendency to enhance openness and sociability, making it an outstanding choice for gatherings or simply connecting with friends. Conversations flow effortlessly, and laughter becomes a frequent companion.

Description of Purple Haze

Purple Haze boasts a lineage that reads like a dream for cannabis aficionados. A hybrid born from the union of Purple Thai and Haze genetics, it masterfully combines the best traits of its parent strains. The effects of Purple Haze are nothing short of remarkable; it envelops you in waves of happiness and bliss as it has a THC level of 20% and a CBD level at 0.50%. Its soothing qualities bring a sense of serenity and inner tranquility by calming both the mind and body. Renowned for its ability to enhance creativity, this Sativa-Dominant hybrid is the perfect companion for artistic individuals. Beyond its focus on inner joy, Purple Haze is celebrated for its sociable attributes. With Purple Haze as your muse, socializing with friends and engaging in profound conversations becomes a delightful experience.

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2 reviews for Purple Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. G.Unaipon

    I was exhausted and anxious, so I decided to grow purple haze for myself. It’s said to be a mood enhancer, and it’s true! I had no problems because the seeds were delivered quickly and discreetly. The fact that 9/10 popped out is fantastic!! Despite the fact that I am not an experienced grower, I was able to cultivate them and gain a reasonable yield. I’m extremely happy to have my own bud now!

  2. Ten Z.

    I’ve smoked and grown most of the iconic strains, and believe me when I say that this is the real deal!! The trichomes appear to glitter due to the dark green foliage. As the temperature dropped, her nugs became thicker and purpled, and you’ll be able to see her lovely buds in just 10 weeks. It is a heavy yielder, producing up to 430 grams per plant when grown outdoors. Because of the sativa dominance, this strain has a strong calming effect as well as a heady high. It has a sweet berry taste and is really fruity. I’ve never seen a strain of such gorgeous flowers as this Purple Haze

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