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Purple Haze Autoflower

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More About Purple Haze Autoflower

Such a Legendary Strain

This legendary strain named Purple Haze Autoflower is one-of-a-kind. This is a well-known marijuana strain having a THC level of 15 to 17 percent. This will enable you to experience a mind-blowing and exhilarating weed experience. Thus, you will become energized, focused, and even flying high up the entire day. This will give you a pure and euphoric effect as it can be grown as an auto-flowering seed.

Grow it indoors or outdoors. This is highly-tolerant to diseases and pests. It comes with a fast harvesting time of seeds. It will just take up about seventy to seventy-five days for it to finally be grown.

So far, this is a dream come true for both commercial growers and self-medicators. This is oozing in its appeal. This is known to produce a high-experience. This is why it becomes a good choice among novice and experienced growers alike. This will just let you experience kissing the sky so high.

1 review for Purple Haze Autoflower

  1. Cathy Stokes

    Loving this strain. Its aroma and taste are so unique added the high which is very powerful. Not to mention the cultivating which is also quite easy and also this strain has a very high tolerance to plant diseases and pests.

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