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Cream Autoflower

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Cream Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain known for its faster flowering and average THC amounts. It is a small plant at only 100 cm tall. But despite its height, you’ll grow plants with average yields at 200 grams per plant outdoors and up to 400 grams per square meter of space indoors.

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More About Cream Autoflower

Easy Cultivation, Decent Taste

A great indica-dominant autoflowering strain. Cream Autoflower has been known for her smart autoflowering ability, medium THC, and brilliant indica effect. While she has been classified as a hybrid, she tends to offer an indica-like high that will make you sleepy, lazy, or even hungry. Enjoy a mild THC content of 12-16%.

With her short flowering time, you will enjoy abundant yields throughout the year. She will make you feel euphoric, focused, relaxed, and uplifted. The notes of earthiness, berry, sweet, woody, and vanilla are noticeable in every puff. You will enjoy the invigorating sensation while your taste buds are pampered by the taste and scent.

Cream Autoflower guarantees an enjoyable cultivating experience even for the beginners. She grows short and bushy. She’s tough like the real woman who can protect herself from common issues. For all of these things, she truly deserves a space in your small garden.

2 reviews for Cream Autoflower

  1. Esther Francis

    Never disappointed with what I get here! This one in particular was good enough for me to leave this review! Super creamy and delicious tastes. I picked up powerful flavors of berries and sandalwood, quite unique from what I used to buy. Kept my plants in this tiny spot in my room. They don’t grow crazy tall so I had no issues keeping them on the down low. I really enjoyed the high it was trippy and lazy at the same time! Just the right choice for my nightly smoke!

  2. Gilbert Doster

    A high class strain indeed! It grows short and bushy. It has an aroma of earthiness, mixed fruits, woody, and vanilla and a taste of sweet earthy which is really interesting about this strain. It never fails to make me feel more euphoric, focused, relaxed, and uplifted. Been trying to cultivate this indoors and it offers me a lot more of it’s harvested buds. It only takes me 50 to 60 days to make it fully matured and it offers me a very good yield. And also I have been taking this to cure my insomnia and lack of appetite and all I could say is that this is really guaranteed to be efficient. I am a certified lover of this strain!!!

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