Peanut Butter Souffle Feminized

Peanut Butter Souffle Feminized

Originated from California, Peanut Butter Souffle is a beautiful Indica hybrid from the union between Lava Cake and Do Si Dos. The strain has a moderate THC content ranging from 15-21%. Smoking this sweet and chocolatey strain makes you enjoy the cerebral and relaxing highs, perfect for intimate moments alone or with someone. Growers of this head-turning female plant can expect impressive yields indoors or outdoors. For lovers of Indica cannabis, let this strain take you to a whole new level of fun and satisfaction.

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Peanut Butter Souffle Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Feminized, Mostly Indica
Genetics Parents: Lava Cake x Do Si Dos
Flowering Period: 8 to 10 weeks
Climate: Balmy / Mediterranean / Sunny
Yield: 230-300G/m² indoor, 290-310G/plant outdoor
Flavours: Sweet, Earthy, Chocolatey, Nutty, Spicy
THC Level: 15-21%
CBD Level: Low
Height: Unknown
Harvest Period: Unknown
Growing Difficulty: Unknown

What are the Flavor and Effects of Peanut Butter Souffle Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Breaking the buds of Peanut Butter Souffle emits a unique blend of nutty and earthy aromas with notes of spiced chocolate. As you smoke the buds, you will be delighted with the spicy chocolate taste with the creaminess of peanut butter as you exhale. Smoking this strain increases cerebral activity, making users function and stay productive all day. It is also perfect for de-stressing and unwinding.

What are the Medical Benefits of Peanut Butter Souffle Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

As for its medicinal benefits, the strain relaxes your muscles, fading away fatigue and tensions while relieving your pain, migraines, muscle spasms, and cramps. Some users reported finding relief from their sleepless nights. On the psychological part, Peanut Butter Souffle is proven effective in melting away chronic stress and depression.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Peanut Butter Souffle Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The powerful effects of Peanut Butter Souffle bring a couple of undesirable effects to users. First, it makes your lips dry, and you feel parched. Second, it dries your eyes, so lubricate them with over-the-counter drops. Lastly, a sudden increase in dosage can lead to drowsiness, slight headaches, or worse, feeling anxious.

How to Grow Peanut Butter Souffle Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Peanut Butter Souffle Fem is not only a joy to the nostrils and palate, but it is also a beauty to the eyes. Its brilliant purple, green, and golden colours with layers of thick trichomes make it an overall stunning hybrid. Its growth pattern is restricted, so this is a safe strain for cannabis growers with experience. Indoor plants need at least 8-10 weeks to finish flowering and collect between 230-300 grams per square meter. In an outdoor environment, make sure your plants get more air and light during the day to secure 290-310 grams per plant of delicious buds.

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