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Magnum Autoflower

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Magnum Marijuana Seeds is a strain with high THC and potent flavors. This is a sativa-dominant strain that grows up to 150 cm tall but has average yields. You can use SCROG or SOG methods to improve your yields and guaranteed these plants are very responsive to training. It flowers late at 10 to 12, but you’ll get buds with citrus, spicy, pungent, and sweet flavors.

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More About Magnum Autoflower 

Great Yields, Fantastic Taste Profile

If you are searching for an autoflowering strain with extraordinary qualities, then it might be the Magnum Auto. She’s a quality automatic strain that guarantees all the best you deserve – high yields, delightful tastes, and the classic sativa high that will keep you alive, happy, and satisfied for hours.

She has been known for her pungent effect. She induces a strong cerebral rush, which is spiraling high that tends to be so euphoric. When it comes to potency, you will never go wrong with her as she has average THC levels. It ranges between 12-15%, and that amount is already enough to get yourself feeling high but still able to focus and be productive.

Though her genetics remains to be a mystery, she continuously grows in fame with her generous yields that can reach 500 grams. You will never regret adding her to your garden.

2 reviews for Magnum Autoflower

  1. Gabby Leoso

    Nothing like some magnum to get ya going! This will get you pretty pumped up and alive. I’ve had a lot of people tell me they loved the buds I brought to our smoking circles! Its a good mood enhancer and helps you stay positive. It was also very spicy and earthy tasting with a little sweetness in it. Grew some nice juicy nugs after taking your advice of scrogging! All my seeds grew evenly and pretty darn big! Looking forward to my next deal here!

  2. Eleanor Bauman

    An unbelievable strain! It helps me to battle with stress and relieves my pain but sometimes when I intake so much of this it makes my eyes and mouth dry, I am fully aware of that so now I always take this with care and especially in moderation. This is very easy to cultivate and It takes me 11 weeks of waiting for it to be fully matured and it gives me a lot of buds to harvest and it has crumbly buds that are rich in floral, piney aromas and sweet earthy. It has a very delightful taste and aroma of pine, spicy, sweet, earthy. It gives me a strong cerebral rush, which is spiraling high that tends to make me so euphoric. It offers me to be more energetic, happy, uplifted, relaxed, and talkative. I really love this strain. This is the best strain ever!!!

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