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Blue Fruit Autoflower

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Blue Fruit Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid with average THC amounts and is very easy to cultivate. This hybrid is small at only 90 cm but is capable of producing up to 450 grams of yield per square meter indoors and up to 100 grams per plant outdoors. This is one of the best strains for stealth growing.

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More About Blue Fruit Autoflower 

The Ultimate Choice for the Impatient One

If you’re meticulous when it comes to cannabis, then this strain could be right for you. Proudly presenting to you a strain designed for the impatient growers – Blue Fruit Autoflower. With excellent ruderalis genetics, rest assured that she will take less time to flower. With 12-16% THC, she can get you high without getting you overwhelmed by what you feel.

As a yummy hybrid strain, she will entertain your nose and palate with the refreshing notes and hints of vanilla and berries. These notes add a dreamy effect to her smoke. Get ready for the rich and thick smoke that induces the mix of calming, euphoric, and uplifting feelings. The high begins as a stimulating sensation that gradually changes to a sedating kind.

Protect her from stress. Pour her with overflowing love and care. By doing so, she will be a happy plant that offers medium yields.

5 reviews for Blue Fruit Autoflower

  1. Javier Smith

    A elevated, sweet blue raspberry flavor followed by a classic touch of gas weed. The smell is very complex and unique, with blue cotton candy mixed with type of fruit. High is invigorating and encouraging with a very well reasoned underlying therapeutic effect, but can be very powerful for users with low sensitivity. This strain is beginning to grow, and it’s easy to grow as days pass by. It can give an outstanding yield, it has a beautiful smell and compact buds. Not bad, I don’t regret buying from Sunwest Genetics here. 🙂

  2. Angeline Fields

    The effects of this strain are very calming and uplifting. The scent is very pungent and it’s not the easy to grow strain because it needs a lot of attention and time but offers an average amount of yield which is just great. Loving its icy trichomes lovely in the eyes and the buds is so bushy.

  3. Sidney McKinney

    This kind of strain is very easy to grow and thrive beautifully with SOG method and it is also very sturdy that can stand to strong blown of air. This strain maybe small but the yield it offers is very huge. The effects is very soothing and when we talk medically this strain helps me with my stress and depression. The aroma and flavors is very sweet and the buds is bushy and its trichomes is frosty, lovely strain.

  4. Lawrence Munoz

    Blue Fruit is a very easy to grow plant that has a very cute height yet it generates great yields. With its thick smoke that smells and tastes like sweet fruit berries, it gives me the relaxation that I always wanted. It is also good for inflammation and back pain so I usually consume this after work or before bed time.

  5. David Funk

    One of the best strains ever!!! This srtain makes me feel relaxed and calmed every time and it offers me a feeling of being euphoric and happy at the same time and that is what I love about this plant, it really knows what I need. It is very easy to cultivate and I have been trying to grow this outdoors. It just takes me 63 days for it to be fully matured and it provides me with a lot of buds to be harvested. It has a purple violet tone which is very attractive for me. It has a flavor of sweet, fruity, with sweet red berries and has an aroma of sweet earthy.

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